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Here are some other stuff for "Road Rovers" from fans that have been sent in over the years. Feel free to check them out. But please remember, that the items found here aren't mine. They belong to the artists who have graciously allowed me to post them here. A lot of hard work has gone into each item. Thank you.

A submission by Joe "D.C. Road Rovers Fan" Klemm of what if the Animaniacs hosted that old show The Dating Game with the Road Rovers as contestants.

Here is a list of odd parallels between Shag, of Road Rovers, and that lovable mutt Scooby Doo by Jon Kemerer and Ed "Howlin' Commando" Ketchum:
Both Shag and Scooby Doo:
Come from neutral, West European countries

Speak in only occasionally intelligible patterns:

Are the most cowardly of their 5 member team:
Shag-Hunter, Colleen, Exile, Blitz
Scooby-Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy

Have one member of their team who is slightly less, if not as cowardly as they are:

Are frequently leaping into the arms of this, and other team members:
Shag-Blitz and Hunter
Scooby-Shaggy and Fred

Have teams that are led by nosy blonde guys who always get to drive:

Have a redheaded female on their team who always seems to be hooked up with the leader:

Have compulsive eating disorders:
Shag-"A Hair of the Dog that Bit You", etc.
Scooby-Every single ^%$ episode.

Are gourmet chefs:
Shag-"Storm from the Pacific", "A Day in the Life":
Scooby-Every single ^%$ episode.

And the most eerie similarity of them all:
Scooby-Doo was born in 1969; Shag was born in 1996!

Shag is voiced by Frank Welker, who also did the voice of Freddie on Scooby Doo!

Something I found lying on my hard drive that mixes RR with MST3k.

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