SelfStoreFan Road Rover Mission Control:

Half of the pleasure of "Road Rovers" is the detail and pain staking work that goes into its wonderful visual look. Well, here is a sample of some of the pictures I've collected from "Road Rovers" Click on the underlined links and the picture will pop up. Feel free to look around (But PLEASE! No food or drinks in the gallery!!!)

We'll start off with the "Road Rovers" themselves:
Blitz in the Pre and Post Transdogmafier Process.

Colleen in the Pre and Post Transdogmafier Process.

Exile in the Pre and Post Transdogmafier Process.

Hunter in the Pre and Post Transdogmafier Process.

Shag in the Pre and Post Transdogmafier Process.

What would super heroes be with out super powers:
Super Jaws and Super Claws are Blitz's assets (He can bite and claw through metal!)

Super Agility and Super Cunning are Colleen's special skills.

Super Sight in variation (Night, Cold and Heat vision) and Super Strength makes Exile a Road Rover.

Super Speed is Hunter's special power.

Super Bravery is Shag's thing (well four out of five aren't bad)

Next is the support team of the "Road Rovers":
First there was Professor Shepherd before he became The Master. The Rover's leader, but he also stays behind to hold down the fort and supply them with late breaking information.

Then there is Scout before Parvo sent him through the first Transdogmafier and then he became Muzzle. He is some what part of the Rover team. He goes on some of the missions but his movements are restricted because he is almost always restrained in a strait jacket (he is easily riled in which he becomes totally unpredictable and uncontrollable)

Professor Hubert does some of Rovers scientific paw work and sniffing around.

Then there are the friends of the "Road Rovers":
Cabby is what I call the cab driver that the Rovers once used when they were in New York City. Thanks to his superb driving skills they were able to track down The Groomer while there.

Confuseus is the "Dog of the Mountain" that will tell you the secrets and hidden ways of the world... If you give him cocktail weenies ("the cheesy kind")

Dogs that have been freed and returned to their owners by the Road Rovers on more than one occasion will always be indebted.

Di And Charles are extremely grateful to the Rovers. After they were turned into Werewolves it was they who found the cure to turn them and the other Werewolves back to human form. Including one of their own.

Dino Babies were baby dinosaurs that Parvo ran across in a cave. He wanted to enslave them into his plans for world domination. Fortunately, the Rovers stopped him and returned the babies back to their mother.

Dino Mom wasn't very nice to the Rovers even though they save her babies from Parvo (he wanted to use them to take over the world) But the Rovers don't hold grudges and placed her and her babies back into the cave where they were found.

Eisnearia Ambassador and his county must thank the Rovers because when the Scepter of the Valley was stolen from the Katzenstok capital they blamed his country of stealing it and gave them 24 hours to return it or there would be war. But as the Rovers would prove, Katzenstok nor Eisnearia were part of the thief. War was averted.

Gracey And Her Partner may not seem like friends to the Rovers (they tried to gas Hunter and Muzzle) but they are. They are employees of the Los Angeles Animal Control Department. They spend all day cruising the city picking up Strays. They give them a food and shelter for at least a while and try to find them a home.

Granny is what I call the owner of Fluffy. After he was turned into a mutant he did Parvo's bidding for a while, but was eventually returned to her. She was very grateful to the Rovers to getting her Fluffy back.

Judge Fore is not a direct friend of the Rovers but he is a representative of the back bone of the juridical system. A system that is for what is right, just like the "Road Rovers". The Judge presided over the Donavon and Storm trials.

Katzenstok Ambassador and his county will always be indebted to the Rovers because when the Scepter of the Valley was stolen from his capital he blamed Eisnearia and gave them 24 hours to return it or there would be war. But as the Rovers soon proved, Eisnearia nor Katzenstok were part of the thief. War was averted.

Luka And His Mother really saved the day for the "Road Rovers" when people from their village thought that the Rovers were monsters. But they returned the favor by rescuing Luka's dog (Oso) from General Parvo.

Madame Ambassador is the legal representative for the United States for the United Nations. She is grateful to the Rovers because when the Scepter of the Valley was stolen from Katzenstok's capital, all fingers were pointing at Eisnearia. But the Rover proved who really stole it and thus averted war.

Mother as in Hunter's mother. After a long search he finally was able to find his ma. Though she never meets any of the Rovers (other than her son) she can be considered a friend to them (she lets her son go off to save them)

Olivia Peru is indebted to the Rovers, they saved her and her dog Sport from Parvo and Groomer. Olivia stumbled onto his dog napping operation (which was being run by Donavon Bell) when she tried to rescue Sport from it.

Oso is the seeing eye dog of Luka. He risked his life so his master could see (with the help of the Great Pyramid of Hope)

Persia is commander of the Space Rovers (see Space Rovers) An Afghan Cano-Sapien, she can usually be found on the bridge of her spaceship (See Space Rover) with them. She and her crew save the Rovers from evil aliens.

Sam Donaldson can't be considered a baddie... But after Blitz attacked his toupee. I don't think he is a fan of the "Road Rovers" either.

Space Rovers are yet another off shoot of the "Road Rovers" They have been seen occupying the Rover Enterprise-Like spaceship. Most likely they patrol the galaxy to make sure it is safe for all (and keep an eye out for Parvo)

Sport was the dog that was turned into a Road Rover only so he could testify against Donavon Bell (Sport was the only witness to a terrible crime) Afterwards he was De-Transdogmafied and returned to his rightful owner.

Tourist was also changed into a Werewolf as he toured London. Fortunately, not only did the Rovers take care of this problem they also changed them back into their original human form.

Wolfie is what I call this Road Rover friend (his real name was never given) Wolfie was shot and critically injured by one of Gustav Havoc's trigger happy troops. Luckily, Colleen found him and performed surgery (with the help of Exile and Shag) He made a full recovery and was able to return the favor and saved all the "Road Rovers" when Gustav's men captured them (he called his fellow wolves who surround the baddies)

The Rovers have a very specialized means for getting around in the world:
Burrow Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a three seated car with three wheels which can burrow underground.

Cave Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a three seated 6 x 6 which also has a tow hook and missile capacity.

Cloud Rover is a four seated armed helicopter.

Cloud Rover is a two seated helicopter with twin rotors.

Cycle Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a two seated three wheel motorcycle which can also transform into a jet ski.

Hover Rover is a six seated hovercraft type vehicle. Not only is it quick on the ground but also in the air (it can spout wings and fly)

Hydro Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a two seated speed boat.

Jet Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a six seated jet with missile capacity.

Pack Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a One seated jet mainly used for carrying vast amounts of cargo.

Sky Rover is a three seated jet able to do vertical take offs and has a water cannon (for fighting fires).

Sky Rover is a three seated jet that is larger than the previous model.

Space Rover is a huge spaceship in the style of the Enterprise. It has an array of offensive and defensive systems. One of which is that the saucer section can detach from the rest of the ship and be its own spacecraft.

Sled Rover is a single seated motorcycle styled sled which is driven by a lone traction wheel.

Sonic Rover is a six seated super sonic jet which is the fastest jet in the world.

Street Rover is a three seated three wheel car with super speed capacity, air bags, the ability to fly and is rocket powered.

Sub Rover is a nine seated submarine powered by dog paddle action.

Shuttle Tube is what I call this transportation system. They lead between the homes of the Rovers to RRMC. They allow them to quickly move to and fro. The entrances are hidden so not to reveal the Rover's true identity. The can only carry one passenger at a time.

Tank Rover is a four seated tank like vehicle designed for the use in snow but can also change into a helicopter which can also change into a large sled.

Tri-Tank Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a two seated bullet shaped land based vehicle that has two front tank-like treads and a single rear tire. The treads are for traction and the tire is for speed.

Turbojet Rover is a six seated jet which has a laser which can slice the wing of a plane in two and can change into a submarine and crawl along the ground.

Wing Rover (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a single dog jet pack vehicle. A quick and versatile way the Rovers can get around. They can also be used in the place of parachutes.

Even super heroes sometimes need the help of super weapons:
Anti-Aircraft Laser is a laser bazooka used for shooting down enemy aircraft.

Fisher Of Men Net (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a small compact ball that when thrown opens and releases a large net to entangle the target.

Frisbee Deflector (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a flying disk which is thrown. Though, it is more effective as a defensive weapon.

Gas Cloud Bone (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) are grenades in the shape of dog bones that split apart and create a giant but harmless gas cloud (for cover)

Mini Ball Pistol is a small compact firearm that folds down to the size of a pack of cigarettes (not that any of the "Road Rovers" would even consider smoking) It fires small glowing balls similar to the "Tennis Ball Shooter" but apparently with greater force (one mini ball has enough explosive power to throw a huge monster threw a wall and across a parking lot)

My Boyfriend is a less violent weapon that only fires large wet sponges.

Puppy Blaster (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a laser pistol that packs quite a punch.

Road Rover Missile Launcher which fires missiles, problem is that Shag can never remember which way to point it.

Spike Ball Launcher (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) which fires a deadly homing ball with spikes that can pierce a solid steel door..

Tennis Ball Gas Bomb (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) which looks like one of Hunter's harmless tennis ball but this one releases sleeping gas.

Tennis Ball Lasso (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is a version of Hunter's many tennis ball weapons that that wraps the target is thick sturdy rope.

Tennis Ball Pistol (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) is the pistol version of the "Tennis Ball Shooter".

Tennis Ball Shooter (I gave this one a name because none was ever mentioned) appears to be Hunter's favorite weapon (he uses it a lot and has many variations) which shoots exploding or gas tennis balls.

Tooshie Biting Bouquet is Blitz's choice, it fires a metal ball with chomping teeth that will try and follow the target where ever it goes.

Misc Weapon is a pistol which was briefly carried by Hunter against Storm but since it was never used the exact functionality of it is unknown.

The "Road Rovers" also have a various array of support equipment:
Big Dummy is the what I call this piece of equipment. Not really big, actually quite delicate in looks. It looks exactly like a female human and is used when the presence of a human is need. That is where this dummy (it is a real mannequin) comes in handy.

Cell Phone is how the Rovers stay in contact with RRMC. Okay, it is not a unique technology but it can mean left or death in some cases! Like making sure the caterers are on time serving lunch.

CTU (Collar Tracking Unit) is what I call this collar. It is a standard issue but has a small tracking device in it so the Rovers can track down the wearer electronically. So far only Shag has worn one.

Deflector is simple in theory but complex in execution. It uses mirrors to deflect laser beams, is very compact but folds out to be a massive apparatus. The trick is in the application. If you randomly go around deflecting lasers they will random go in any direction (that is usually when some one gets hurt) The trick is to reroute the beam back to it's original target (this picture is a successful example of this).

EWD (Early Warning Dog Tag) is what I call this dog tag. With it Rovers can be alerted if their comrades are in danger and need assistance. When this is the case the dog tag flashes.

Electronic Lock Picker is exactly that. A portable device able to electronically pick locks with ease. This is one of Exile's toys he uses in his sabotage/infiltrate duties as a Road Rover.

Element Sniffer is a sensing device that at the very least can detect the traces of gold (but probably can be set to locate other elements as well)

Fake Fur is the what I call this bit of deception. It is a large mat of fur that looks exactly like the fur for a big dog in question. The agent can than ride on top of the dog while covered with the mat and be completely hidden, it seems like there is only one dog.

Gas Muzzle is the what I call this piece of equipment. It covers the entire face giving both the lungs and eyes protection. It can be used in defensive from gas attacks or used in offensive to launch your own attacks.

Headset is a two way radio designed to free the paws of the user. Probably the most used equipment that the "Road Rovers" utilize.

Parachute proves that not all of the "Road Rovers" equipment is high tech. These are simple parachute.

Peepers is what I call this surveillance device. They are powerful electron binoculars able to observe objects from great distances.

Portable Computer is a poor description for what this baby can do. This compact model (it folds from wallet size to a full laptop) can function as an accurate electronic map. I don't know how it exactly works (along with the rest of the stuff the "Road Rovers" use) but it is my guess it is tied into the "Road Rovers" Satellite.

Rad-Suit is a specialized radiation protection suit. It's purpose is quite obvious but one of its features is a small hidden compartment in the sleeve that contains the Mini Ball Pistol.

Remote Destruction is what I call this matching pair of explosive and remote control. If placed in the right location it can destroy an entire base!

Road Rover Mission Control is what the "Road Rovers" can call home away from home (and is the Master's and Muzzle's home) It is a vast complex the houses their vast store house of weapons, vehicles, gadgets and other support equipment. If need be, the Rovers also have their own living quarters.

Satellite is a highly advanced orbiting eye-in-the-sky that is so accurate that it can pin point a vase from orbit thus allowing the "Road Rovers" to keep an eye on the Baddies of the world.

Transdogmafier which transforms a dog into a Cano-Sapien (canines with the bodies of people and the strength and endurance of super humans)

But without the baddies the "Road Rovers" would never be heroes:
Aliens are perhaps the most deceptive baddies of all. With high level technology and great fire power to boot they are a formidable opponent.

Donavon Bell is the heartless business man who steals and sells dogs for money.

Gustav Havoc is a the Col. rebel gorilla leader of Ovitznia. He also deals in arms and almost brought two neighboring countries to the brink of war just to make some money.

General Parvo is a cyborg who refuses to stop his conquest for world domination. He is the chief thorn is the "Road Rovers" paw.

Captain Zachary Storm almost succeeded in doing the Rovers in.

Werewolves managed to turn one of the Rovers against their own.

What would a baddie be if he didn't have a good side kick and mutants:
Bikers are Donavon Bell's goons. They do all his dirty work so he can't be implicated later.

Cano-Mutants are Parvo's pride and joy who do his bidding. In this picture are the Cocker Spaniel (Fluffy) and Dalmatian Mutants.

Commander is one of Parvo's financial backers (it costs a great deal to make Cano-Mutants) In exchange for money Parvo promises he will be a major part of his new world order (a promise Parvo usually has no intention of keeping)

Digit is Parvo's personal finance man. He does all the number crunching and money transfers. He perhaps they only one of Parvo's associates that knows the entire Gen-Par operation.

Felo-Mutants are Groomer's pride and joy. They do her bidding when she has a very special task for them.

Fish-Mutants are huge powerful beasts that are like Groomer's little babies. They do whatever she tells them. They are created by going through yet another modified version of the Cano-Mutator.

Flea was both the creation of General Parvo and Professor Eugene Atwater. But once created it tried to create a nuclear winter over the entire earth so only he and the bugs of the world would be alive. But thanks to the "Road Rovers", it failed in this task.

Greta the Rottweilder that is General Parvo's personal dog. Used to help create mutant bugs. But her real talent is using her feminine wilds to distract Muzzle from "Road Rovers" duties (namely kicking the butts of the Baddies) But she learns too late that good dogs can be fun too (Muzzle loses all interest in her)

Groomer is Parvo's assistant, love interest and one nasty woman all around.

Hawkins is one of Parvo's financial backers (it costs a great deal to make Cano-Mutants) In exchange for money Parvo promises he will be a major part of his new world order (a promise Parvo usually has no intention of keeping)

Invaders are what I call the alien's crack troops. They are the ones assign to take over the world!

Jeffrey Otitus is in the same category as Atwater. Not really a bad guy (though his greed eventually gets the best of him) He started out as the money man for Shepherd's Transdogmafier experiment but ended up as Parvo's henchman.

Lieutenant Skeam is Gustav's commander in the field who almost destroyed the "Road Rovers".

Mange was created by Parvo using Professor Atwater's creation. A giant mutant more powerful than a 100 Cano-Mutants. But as always, the bigger they are the harder they fall (the "Road Rovers" proved that)

Ninja Dogs are only one of the many types of Cano-Mutants that serve Parvo, but these are perhaps the most deadly. They rely on stealth, agility and quickness. They carry both throwing stars and swords. Plus they are very verse in the martial arts. They give even Colleen a run for her money.

Pre-Groomers is what I call this pair. Though they are not direct foes of the Road Rovers (their lives are separated by over 5000 years) but their research in the immortality almost cost Blitz and Colleen's lives when The Groomer tried to pick up where they left off, so they are listed here.

Professor Eugene Atwater wasn't really a bad person, just a misguided one (with a screw or two loose) Yet he did do Parvo's bidding (in exchange for funding of his research) so that's why he showed up here.

Ruby is what I call Havoc's secretary (because of her bright red hair) A very efficient employee she handles all of the day to day operations. Answering phones, running down information, scheduling appointments. This frees her boss to wheel and deal to his heart's desire. She is an apparent native of Ovitznia. Though, she is not an enemy of the Rovers (she has never met them), because of her associations with Havoc she has been placed here.

Sergeant Curse is the tough recruiter that help runs Parvo's canine prison (only the best are turned into Cano-Mutants) in "Hunter's Heroes". He works directly under Groomer.

Stormers are the crack troops (which I named) that support Storm in his quests for revenge. They are a small but determined group of fighters that are well armed and prepared to meet any demand (except the Rovers) There is a mixture of both male and females but each are equally capable.

Sydney is an Archaeologist that willing works with Parvo. Though, she's considered to be a baddie on a technicality (she associates with Parvo) He lied to her saying that he planed to preserve the discovery of the Great Pyramid of Hope but in reality he is plundering it for his own use.

Thugs prove that Parvo just doesn't use felines and canines to do his dirty work, he also uses humans. Even so, they were sent scurrying away with their tails between their legs when they went up against the Rovers.

Troopers are the crack soldiers of Gustav Havoc. Since he is an arms dealer he can equip his troops well (Including Double Deaths, Night Strikers and Hav-7s) They are very loyal to their commander and realize what will happen if they fail with any of his orders.

Tick was another Parvo/Atwater joint creation. Just your every day average mutant tick send out to destroy the "Road Rovers", but the Cano-Sapiens dealt with it nicely.

Just like the "Road Rovers", the Baddies also have their various array of support equipment:
Avengers is what I call these single seated fighters. They are part of the Donavan/Parvo alliance. They have powerful lasers along with missile and bomb capacity.

Bitter Bit is the what I call this machine. Not designed as a weapon, though it was used as one against the Rovers, its primary use is to bore tunnels out of solid rock for the Parvo Empire.

Bug Hibachi is basically the Cano-Mutator but for bugs. Parvo made some special modifications so he could turn Flea, Tick and Mange into super killer bugs!

Bulldog is what I call this vehicle. Not only one of Parvo's vehicles but it can also be used as a base away from a base, he can monitor his empire from here. It can perform horizontal and vertical flight plus it can travel through outer space.

Cage Gun is what I call this special Cano-Mutant weapon. It looks like a normal missile launcher but instead of firing a weapon it launches a cage that surrounds the intended victim. This weapon is used in the rare instances where the subject needs to be taken alive.

Cano-Mutator is the equivalent to the Transdogmafier. The mutator changes pure canine forms into a new species of dogs. But where Cano-Sapiens seems to focus on the good traits of dogs the Cano-Mutator focuses on bad ones (makes them huge super human dogs that are very destructive and vicious) In essence, it turns dogs into Cano-Mutants. The unit can be adapted to mutant felines and fish as well.

Cano Blaster is what I call this standard issue Cano-Mutant weapon. A typical laser weapon it is easy to be identify by the blue color and large bulkiness. Any time you see a Mutant with a weapon it will usually be this one.

Cat's Claw is what I call this vehicle. Made more for pursuit than attack, what it lacks in armament it makes up in speed and agility. It can give any Rover unit a run for its money. Plus it is durable, it can crash through a solid metal door.

Cat's Cradle is what I call this vehicle. Able to fly both horizontal and vertical it can be used when a quick escape is needed. It also can carry a heavy payload like the entire Cano-Mutator.

Cat's Eye is what I call this Felo-Mutant laser weapon. It packs quite a wallop but is so easy to use a mere kitten could operate it.

Co-Pilot is what I call this pistol laser. They are used by pilots of the Donavan/Parvo alliance. They are kind of bulky but powerful.

Cutter is what I call Groomer's extra sharp device. It really isn't a weapon (but I'm sure she could use it as one) Its real purpose is to quickly trim the fur off of dogs that have excess so they can be processed in the Cano-Mutator.

Dog Face is what I call this for an obvious reason (the barrel of it looks like a dog's face) It was the first weapon Parvo tried to used on the "Road Rovers" A high energy output weapon (with enough power to take out an entire wall), this weapon should be used more for assault then anti-personal.

Double Death is what I call this pistol weapon. Used by Gustav Hovac's troop it is light and very portable, as well as deadly. I fires a pair of powerful lasers every time.

Double Death II is what I call this rifle weapon. It fires a pair of powerful lasers each time you pull the trigger. It's rapid fire action and twin lasers make this a deadly weapon indeed. Standard issue to all of Gustav Havoc's troops.

Escape Pods is what I call these single seat escape craft. What good are baddies if they can't return after being defeated? They have no known weapons but do have parachutes that can be used to drift to the ground, they also can float in water. They are used by the Aliens.

Fire Eater is what I call this massive laser weapon. Housed inside of Groomer's Bus it can rip through buildings as if they were butter and has a field of fire of about 90 degrees.

Gas Balls is what I call this standard Ninja gas bomb. You basically toss it at the target and it explodes, releasing a smoke screen.

Groomer is what I call pistol weapon. It has a narrow beam but it is powerful enough to cut through thick ceilings. It is carried by The Groomer. 

Groomer's Bus is what I call this multi-purpose vehicle. It can function as a normal Mini Van, but it also has flight capability. An added feature is a large laser cannon (see Fire Eater) mounted in the back of the vehicle (usable when the rear doors are opened)

Ground Zero is what I call this communication device. Though it is small and compact it has an incredible range, with it one can speak to spaceships in orbit.

Hauler is the what I call the this heavy duty vehicle. It is primarily designed for moving vast amounts of equipment quickly and reliably with great ease. This is part of the Parvo Fleet.

Hav-7 is what I call this very unique tank. Capable of handling almost any terrain, this vehicle can flatten buildings as well as the enemy with easy. But that is what you'd expect in a tank. What you don't expect is that this thing is fast! It can keep up with a speeding truck with easy. Plus it has two cannons (one conventual and one laser) It can not only drive back the enemy but pursue it as well.

Helichopers are the Air Force of Storm's troop. A highly maneuverable weapon (they shot the Sky Rover down) Armed with twin lasers. A halfway decent pilot can turn this aircraft into killing machine.

Hideaway is what I call this small compact weapon. It is small enough to fit in a boot but still is a hefty laser weapon.

Hot Foot is what I call this explosive unit. Though it is rather bulky and large it can cause massive devastation. It uses a timer to detonate rather than remote but this is to help avoid detection.

Laser Wand is exactly that. A wand-like device that shoots out a laser beam. In this picture Hunter is being short chuted, it is not clear if this is one of Donavon's or Parvo's thugs.

Mega Blaster Scrambler is what I call this wide area weapon of destruction. It looks like an ordinary laser pistol but can easily take out large sections of walls or ceiling with a single blast.

Neural Brain Scrambler a device used by the enemy that appears to be a method to talk with aliens, but in reality it places a Post Hypnotic Suggestion deep into the subject's mind.

Night Striker is what I call this helicopter. Capable of carrying out night operations it is armed to the gills with an assortment of weapons including missiles. Twin motor gives it speed to strike at a moment's notice. But the most interesting part of this craft is the roto blades. When it starts out it only has one blade but when it starts moving the blade folds out to four giving it better lift.

Nippers is what I call these fighter spaceships. They are small and very maneuverable but don't pack that much of a punch (hence their name) They are good for slowing and harassing targets until larger attack craft can be moved in. Also a lot of them can be stored on capital ships.

Parvo's Tank is a huge armored beast that is like most tanks except this one can burrow under the ground. It is armed with a huge cannon and a large slicing blade on the front.

Parvo's Tractor is a huge mobile base. From here Parvo can direct his operations in the field. The unit it so big it carries several vehicles of its own and a Cano-Mutating facility. Plus it can fly. This vehicle is armed with an array of missiles.

Pellet Gun is on of the many weapons Storm has made available to his crack troops. Easily mistaken as a laser pistol it is far more deadly. If fires a small pellet over great distances which on impact explodes releasing a huge gas cloud. Though the gas is not toxic it will put the target to sleep rather quickly.

PDS or Prisoner Detection System is what I call these set of automated detection and destroy equipment. Used by Parvo in his canine prisons (dogs awaiting to become Cano-Mutants) It helps the need for guards since it is very effective on the average dog but is no match for the Road Rovers.

Processor is what I this facility. Designed as a processing plant it is self contained and state of the art.

Pursuers is what I call these arctic vehicles which are used by Gustav Havoc's troops. At first glance they appear to be nothing more than large armored snowmobiles. But when need be they sprout wings and powerful rockets fire, they are now jet fighters. They are armed with both missiles and lasers. Even the "Road Rovers" are impressed by their performance (the vehicles shot them down twice)

Pyramid Power is what I call these anti-aircraft lasers. Very powerful and accurate they are a nemesis for any Road Rover aircraft.

Rifle-Pistol is what I call this standard laser weapon used by Donavan Bell's thugs. It is basic, you point and shoot.

Rocket Power is what I call this pursuit and destroy vehicle. It is quick and can handle most terrains, it has a power missile launcher to boot. Though this is part of Parvo's arsenal Groomer tends to use this vehicle as well.

Sand Skimmer is what I call these vehicles. They are very fast motorcycle styled vehicles that skim across the sand and water. Parvo's thugs are known to have used them.

Scan-O-ID is what I call this little device. Used by Parvo's troops to weed out who should and should not be allowed on the premises. This scanner is used in conjunction with valid identification cards and can weed out any intruders.

Scan-O-Map is what I call this unique device. It scans certain objects that have been encoded or marked specially, decode these items and produce an electronic map from this. One of Parvo's toys.

Shadow Stalker is what I call these crafts, they are like flying jet skis. Fast and maneuverable they are mainly used by the Ninja Dogs for stealth operations and quick escapes the few times they have been detected.

Skylight is the what I call this non-destructive Ninja weapon. It is mounted on the forearm and can launch a grappling hook high into the air. This comes in handy for sneaking up on your enemies or when a quick escape route is needed.

Slicers is what I call these traditional Ninja weapons. Razor sharp and durable they can cut through a lot of things, especially the Rovers.

Starlings is what I call these traditional Ninja weapons. They are sharp star-shaped blades which are thrown at the target, only use is at close range.

Stealth-A-Zier is what I call this weapon. Though it is small and doesn't really pack that great of punch it is deadly in the fact that it is easily hidden and very compact.

Suction Pump was used by Parvo to remove the mysterious mist which kept the mother dinosaur and her eggs sleeping. Parvo wanted to hatch the eggs so he could have an army of dinosaurs to take over the world. Fortunately, the "Road Rovers" were able to stop them.

Tea Pot is my nickname for Parvo's spaceship... Get it? It is shaped like a flying saucer.

Time Transporter is a device that can send almost anything back through time. The object/subject can be sent to any point or date in time. But the machine doesn't stop there, it keeps in constant contact with the sendee and can pull it back at a moment's notice.

UFO was used by one of the baddies to gain control of the world but it was all in vain. It is equipped with heavy weapons and laser capable of blowing a roof off a building.

Here is a collect of various scenes from "Road Rovers":
Are they awake? A more somber shot of the Rovers.

About To Burn Up The Track! Hunter is about to demonstrate is super speed.

Bandicot, Cool! Hunter gives the thumbs up sign.

Beautiful Colleen! Colleen shows off her beauty. No wonder Blitz is always chasing after her.

Can Some Give Me A Push? Shag is stuck in the Transdogmafier!

Coming Through! The Rovers are on a mission.

Dead Doggie! Parvo posing with the poodle from "Let's hit the Road!"

Every Doggie Needs A Door Here is the shot of the exit to Road Rover Mission Control just after it has been used by the Rovers.

Goofy Parvo looks a little strange in this shot with Groomer. Perhaps he has been dipping into the catnip again.

I'm So Handsome... Blitz admires his new body.

It's A Split Up! Shag and Muzzle is a split screen shot.

I Feel Pretty? Blitz is happy with his new Cano-Sapien body as he steps out of the Transdogmafier.

I Have Planski! Exile isn't just a pretty set of eyes.

Let's Hit The Road! The Rovers race into action.

Let's Muzzle Them Muzzle doing what he does best... Muzzling!

Look at the pretty ball... I knew Hunter likes balls but I didn't know he likes them THIS much! (This is from a promo on Cartoon Network)

Need A Ride? The Rovers ask if you need a lift. What do you say?

Nice Duds Dogette! Colleen shows off her new Road Rover uniform.

Nice Machine! Exile likes the Transdogmafier process.

Our Fearless Leader! A picture of Hunter talking to Exile and Colleen.

Rovers In A Bind! The unthinkable! Colleen and Blitz captured by Groomer!

Shag The Brave! Here is a position Shag can commonly be found it!

So that is all it takes! After years of trying to find the Rover's weakness Parvo finally finds it! (This is from a promo on Cartoon Network)

Super Hotpaw! Here is Hunter doing what he does best from "Still A Few Bugs In The System"

Taking A Bite Out Of Crime! Here is Blitz Biting one of the Werewolves from "A Hair From The Dog That Bit You"

They Are On The Move! The Rovers on the move in the mountains.

This Dog Doesn't Need Glasses Exile using his Freeze vision.

Totally Neato! Exile shows his excitement over the Transdogmafier process.

Want A Bite? Shag confronts a Werewolf on his turf... The Fridge!

Where Did You Come From? Colleen battles the Werewolves in London from "A Hair From The Dog That Bit You"

What A Mug! Hunter poses for the camera.

Here is some other stuff I've collected:
Trading Card #1 Shows the gang with a rare shot of Colleen and Hunter.

Trading Card #2 Shows the gang with a rare shot of Blitz and Exile.

Trading Card #3 Shows the gang with a rare shot of Shag.

Trading Card #4 Shows the gang with a rare shot of Muzzle.

Trading Card #5 Shows the gang with a rare shot of The Master.

What Day Is It? Here is part of the WB Calendar, April was for "Road Rovers"

Here is a collection of AVI movies:
Movie #1 - Promo for the show.

Movie #2 - Promo for the show.

Movie #3 - Blitz having hairball problems.

Here is a collect of animated GIF files from Road Rovers I have found on other sites:
Blitz Doing His Thing

It's Time for Road Rovers

Hoping Happy

What's Cooking?

A Group Greeting

Colleen As A Top

Mister Fix-it

Pack On The Move

Blasting Time

Bad Dogs

A Wolf Type Surprise

Beware Of Ice

If You Can Read This...

Blitz And His Favorite Past Time

Here are some screen grabs I have found on other sites:
Colleen Waving from the Street Rover in the opening titles.

Colleen Happy as she steps out of the Transdogmafier.

Colleen Goofy acting silly.

Colleen Posing in the great outdoors.

Colleen In Action doing what she does best... Martial Arts.

Hunter Licking Colleen from the opening title.

Blitz as a normal dog.

Exile as a normal dog.

Muzzle Jumping Up and Down from the opening title.

The Rovers coming out of smoke.

Hunter Barking orders.

Hunter as a normal dog.

Shadow3397 is what I call this weapon. It was used in "Reigning Cats and Dogs" by the Rovers. The pic was send to me by Richard Barrere.

Here are some requested pics:
Sport As A Road Rover

Sport Prior To Transdogmification

Sport Testifying

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