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Almost every hit show has an episode guide, so I decided to do one for "Road Rovers" But be warned! This page is filled with spoilers for each episode, so if you continue reading before you see the actual episode it will ruin it for you. I need to note that AIR DATES is when the show was first shown (there are two because in some areas of the country it was aired on Saturdays and others it was Sunday)

"Let's Hit The Road"
"Storm From The Pacific"
"A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You"
"Where Rovers Dare"
"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
"The Dog That Knew Too Much"
"Hunter's Heroes"
"Dawn Of The Groomer"
"Still A Few Bugs In The System"
"Reigning Cats and Dogs"
"Gold and Retrievers"
"Take Me To Your Leader"
"A Day In The Life"

TITLE: "Let's Hit The Road"
Note: The title was later changed to "Let's Hit The Road - Part 1"
AIR DATES: 09-07-96 and 09-08-96
WRITTEN BY: Tom Ruegger and Mark Seidenberg
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo and Sheena Easton as The Groomer
TODAY'S QUOTE: "Let Hercules himself do what he may. The cat will meow and dog will have his day." - William Shakespeare from "Hamlet"
SYNOPSIS: Professor Shepherd, a geneticist, is forced to trade his Cano-Mutator for Scout's (Shepherd's dog) life from a terrorist by the name of General Parvo. But instead of returning his pet, Shepherd is given a bomb that destroys him and his entire laboratory. One year later (that is seven dog years), a cute Cocker Spaniel in Camden Maine turns into a vicious beast. A Mysterious Figure informs us that "It has begun". Meanwhile, in the middle of Siberia. A Pack of Siberian Huskies are sleeping peacefully in the snow near a shack. But one of them, who wears a red collar, wakes up from his sleep. A bright light shines down on him and the voice of the Mysterious Figure declares: "Exile. You have been chosen". He responds with a howl. While in London England, a lone Collie who is also wearing a red collar roams the streets with a bone in her mouth. But she is confront by two mean looking dogs who obviously want the bone. A fight follows and the Collie, using her paws to deliver power blows, sends the attackers scurrying. A bright light falls upon her and the voice of the Mysterious Figure declares: "Colleen. You have been chosen". She also responds with a howl. Meanwhile, in the rolling hills of Switzerland. A large Sheepdog with a red collar who apparently is suppose to be guarding a nearby flock of sheep is sound a sleep. Howls off in the distance wakes him. Frighten, he hides behind a tree. A bright light from above hits him and the voice of the Mysterious Figure declares: "Shag. You have been chosen". He reluctantly heads off. While in large city in Germany, a thief is breaking into a car. He is rudely interrupted by Doberman guard dog with a red collar. The dog chases off the car thief. The bright light from above falls on the Doberman and the voice of the Mysterious Figure declares: "Blitz. You have been chosen". He howls, turns and dashes towards the nearest subway station. Meanwhile, in the animal control building in Los Angeles California. Two animal control officers are about to put a Retriever (who wears a red collar) and a crazy Rottweiler (who is strapped to a hand cart in a strait jacket and a metal muzzle). As the dogs are lead to the gas chamber, the Retriever manages to break free. The bright light hits him and the voice of the Mysterious Figure declares: "Hunter. You have been chosen" and tells him to run and save himself. But instead Hunter rushes back to the Rottweiler, knocks down the two animal control officers and grabs the hand cart. He wheels his fellow dog to safety (making sure to pick up Hunter's favorite tennis ball on the way). Later, deep below the remains to Shepherd's Laboratory. There is a large set of complexes built in the shape of huge fire hydrants in a cavern, all the dogs that have been summoned meet here. All but the Rottweiler (who remains strapped to the hand cart) enter strange chambers. As the chambers come to life the voice of the Mysterious Figure explains: "The Transdogmafier will change your pure canine forms to a new species called Cano-Sapiens." The dogs transform into clothed human-like bodies which are covered with fur and tails, but they retain their original heads. But Shag is clothesless and retains more canine traits than human. The Mysterious Figure (who is humanoid in appearance, has long hair and glowing eyes) appears and greets the pack by calling them "Road Rovers" They greet him and refer to him as the Master. Then each of the "Road Rovers" demonstrates their special ability: Hunter with super speed (he is so fast he leaves a flaming trail behind him), Blitz with super powerful jaws, Colleen with super cunning and agility (she proves that she is excellent at karate), Exile with super strength and vision, and Shag with bravery (actually he is a whimpering coward). The Master briefs the Rovers in on their first mission: Not only has the Cocker Spaniel from Maine been mutated, but also has a Dalmatian from the same city. Both mutants have teamed up and, armed, hijacked a train carrying an experimental gene splicing device called the Molecular Stabilizer and have stolen it. The Rovers are to retrieve the stabilizer. But when they learn that some of them may not be coming back alive, they all have second thoughts about being a Road Rover. For their services the Master offers: "Three meals a day, a weekly bath and a carpet by the fire" plus homes for everyone. They agree to stay on. They board their specialized vehicles: Sky Rover (three seated jet able to do vertical take offs) and the Street Rover (three seated three wheel car with super speed capacity and air bags). The Rovers speed towards the hijacked train. When they reach it they board it and confront the mutants. Hunter manages to steal the Stabilizer but the mutants are in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Parvo, who is now a cyborg (has a metal head, right fore arm and left lower leg), and his evil female assistant Groomer are busy working on the Cano-Mutator (which changes ordinary dogs into vicious mutants). Parvo states: "I understand dogs. I understand their qualities. Their strength. Their loyalty. Their canine loyalty. Control that and you can control the world." But as it turns out the Cano-Mutator has one flaw: A dog that goes through the process will remain a Cano-Mutant for an unpredictable amount of time. It is Parvo's hope that when his mutants return he can use the Molecular Stabilizer to make the effect of the Cano-Mutator last. Then he can form a huge army of Cano-Mutants and take over the world. While back on the train, Hunter is cornered by the mutants. Colleen leaps to his rescue and subdues one of the mutants with karate. Unfortunately, the remaining mutant is armed. Blitz rushes in biting, but is knocked from the train in the battle. Fortunately, he extends large sharp claws and manages to barely grab onto the train. By this time the other Cano-Mutant has recovered. Exile uses his cold vision to freeze both mutants in blocks of ice. But they manage to break free. They grab Blitz and prepare to throw him from the train. Hunter is forced to exchange the Molecular Stabilizer for Blitz's life. With the stabilizer secured once again, the Cano-Mutants flee the train and rush back to their master. Once he has what he wants, he abandons his Cano-Mutants and leaves in his flying vehicle. As Parvo relishes in his victory, he quickly learned that instead of the Stabilizer he has been given a bomb (just like he did to Shepherd). The bomb destroys his ship but Parvo and Groomer survive and vow to fight another day. At the same moment the two Cano-Mutants transform back to their original canine state. The "Road Rovers" howl in victory and return to the Road Rover Mission Control with the Stabilizer. The Master is pleased and keeps his bargain. The "Road Rovers" will be called on again to save the day, until then they will be returned to their original Canine forms and live with the heads of state to their respected countries. Muzzle (the Rottweiler) is to stay with the Master to keep each other company. It is then we learn that the Master is really Professor Shepherd (he refers to Muzzle as Scout).

TITLE: "Storm From The Pacific"
AIR DATES: 09-14-96 and 09-15-96
WRITTEN BY: Earl Kress and Tom Ruegger
DIRECTED BY: Jon McClenahan
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Larry Drake as Captain Zachary Storm, Yoshio Be as Communications Officer and Karla DeVito as Woman Soldier
HUNTER'S TOP 10 SUPER POWERS: 10) Super Sniffing, 9) Super Tracking, 8) Super Retrieving, 7) Super Swimming, 6) Super Fast, 5) Super Loyal, 4) Super Playful, 3) Super Forgiving, 2) Super Friendly and 1) Super Lucky
SYNOPSIS: An American destroyer is torpedoed and as the ship begins to sink, sailors guarding a secret device are gassed by a mysterious figure. As the ship goes down a strange sub speeds away. Meanwhile, at the Whitehouse. Hunter, in his natural canine form, it swimming outdoors in a large swimming pool with his favorite tennis ball in his mouth (he is surrounded by Secret Service agents). Suddenly, a light from above shines down on him and the Master's voice declares: "Hunter. It's time boy" (apparently, only Hunter can see the light and hear the voice). He leaps out of the pool and dashes into some bushes. A large stone slides to reveal a tunnel. Hunter leaps into the tunnel and appears in an underground room, waiting here is a strange one dog vehicle. He jump into it and it rushes him at very high speed through a series of underground tubes. Hunter is whisked to Road Rover Mission Control. He leaps into the Transdogmafier and is changed into his Cano-Sapien form. He joins the rest of the Rovers and Muzzle who are happily eating some of Shag's "Culinary masterpieces". But everyone's tastes change when they learn he cooks everything in toilet water. The Master then begins his briefing: A decoder for a special defense satellite was stolen from the sunken destroyer. The Road Rovers are to track down the enemy sub spotted leaving the scene and retrieve the decoder. Blitz demands that he should be leader since Hunter doesn't have any super powers. With a quick burst of super speed Blitz is reminded that Hunters does have super powers. The Doberman quickly withdraws his demand. As the Rovers prepare to set out, Muzzle indicates he'd like to come. But because of Blitz's insistence Hunter decides it is best to keep Muzzle behind. But he has other planes, Muzzle sneaks aboard the Sub Rover (Nine seated submarine powered by dog paddle action) which then Colleen and Blitz board (after Colleen pretends not to remember Blitz's name). Hunter, Exile and Shag take the Cloud Rover (Four seated armed helicopter) and both vehicles set off after the enemy sub. During the travel Colleen continues to pretend to forget Blitz's name so she gives him a new one (Stuffington Fluffy Pants). The Rovers track the enemy sub to a pacific island. Exile uses his night vision to check out the island. He sees that two enemy Helicopers are about to attack. Hunter, who is at the controls, dodges the enemy while Exile helps Shag prepare the "Anti-Aircraft Laser" (laser bazooka). But Shag points it the wrong way and blows out the front windshield. While they are all distracted, the Helicopers shoot down the Cloud Rover. Meanwhile, the Sub Rover has docked with the island. Blitz and Colleen rush to the crash site. They are pleased to discover everyone is alive and unhurt. In fact, things are better than expected: Exile declares that he will have the Cloud Rover working in no time. At the same time Shag has discovered a secret entrance to a large volcano on the island which is guarded by two soldiers. The impatient Blitz, who is always looking for an opportunity to bite some tooshie, rushes the guards. But is stopped short by a gas grenade which puts him to sleep. The guards drag the helpless Blitz inside. Colleen suggests that they leave him but Hunter comes up with another plan. While he dazzles the guards with his super speed, the other Rovers will rush inside and rescue Blitz. But as the guards chase Hunter they discover the Sub Rover. They loose interest in Hunter and begin to investigate the submarine. But as they open the hatch, Muzzle leaps out and rushes into the jungle. Hunter rejoins the Rovers inside the secret complex below the volcano. They are able to locate Blitz with little trouble (he is crying like a baby) but in the process they are captured themselves. The "Road Rovers" are thrown into a cell and are confronted by Captain Zachary Storm. He explains that he plans to destroy the United States with the defense satellite which the decoder is for. Storm's beef is that because he opened fired without orders in the Gulf War he was court marshaled and given a dishonorable discharge (besides, he's also mad at the NFL for allowing the Cleveland Browns to move to Baltimore). As Storm continues to rants and rave, Muzzle sneaks around the large complex. Storm sends the Rovers to their doom by releasing lava towards their cell as he prepared to destroy ten key cities with the defense satellite. Exile tries to hold off the lava by freezing it with his cold vision, but it is a vain effort. When all seems lost Muzzle comes to the rescue by pressing the button that not only stops the lava but also opens the cell to the "Road Rovers" But they aren't out of the woods yet. Storm and a pair of guards pursue Muzzle and the Rovers, blasting at them with lasers. Without any weapons the Rovers have one hope, use their secret weapon against Storm. They free Muzzle from his restraints and sic him on the baddies. The insane Rottweiler cleans house and sends Storm and his goons fleeing. The Rovers thank Muzzle for his assistance, re-restrain him and recover the satellite decoder. But there is only a moment of peace, the baddies have fled to the top of the volcano which sprouts giant rotos, separates from the rest of the mountain and takes off. Then Storm sets forth a chain reaction that causes the volcano to erupt. The Rovers flee for their lives and board their vehicles. But they quickly realize that Muzzle is not with them, he has been left behind. Hunter has no choice (he is Super Loyal and Muzzle is his best friend), he uses his super speed to race back into the lava filled complex. He manages to save Muzzle but in the process he finds himself on a high cliff with jagged rocks below, in a matter of moments a wave of lava with incinerate them both. Suddenly, the Cloud Rover (with Shag tied to one of the landing skis) swoops down (with Exile at the controls) and Shag grabs both Hunter and Muzzle. The Cloud Rover flies them all safely away as the lava wave pours over the edge of the cliff. The "Road Rovers" return to the Master. After Blitz apologizes about his apprehension about Hunter and Muzzle being part of the group, Colleen appreciates his efforts but still refers to him as Fluffy. Blitz declares he is going to change his name but Exile declares: "But I like Fluffy". The Master congratulates the pack on a job well done and tells them the decoder will be returned to the Navy. Hunter agrees but only after they are done with it: Shag is using the satellite to keep Storm and his flying volcano top at bay until the authorities can pick him up.

TITLE: "A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You"
AIR DATES: 09-21-96 and 09-22-96
WRITTEN BY: John Ludin and Mark Seidenberg
DIRECTED BY: Scott Jeralds
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, David Doyle as Professor Hubert and Rob Paulsen as Wolf King
UNACCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Kevin M. Richardson as Confuseus
TODAY'S QUOTE: "I saw a werewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic's… And his hair was perfect." - Warren Zevon "Werewolves Of London"
SYNOPSIS: It is night in London England, Charles and Di are finalizing their divorce. But as they walk to the car, they are confronted by a Wolf (Charles thinks it is a cute little dog). The wolf leaps upon both of them. Near by, an American tourist is videotaping the sites (hoping to get it on "American's Most Funniest Videos"). A pack of wolves appear and attack the camera man. The wolves run wild as the terrorize the entire city. But their fun comes to and end when the Hunter (he scolds them), Colleen and Exile (all in their Cano-Sapien forms) show up (they are all sporting new uniforms). As a confrontation is imminent, Hunter whistles for reinforcements. Shag, driving a double decker bus, races to the call. Along with him is Blitz. The other Rovers jump on and they begin to chase down the wild wolves. But it is apparent that these are not ordinary wolves: They go on the offensive and a pair jump on board and faces off with Exile. Down below, Shag panics when he almost hits one of the wolves and flips the bus onto its side. The wolf pack converges on the Rovers. Each pulls out a Rover weapon and uses it on a different wolf: Colleen uses "My Boyfriend" which fires large wet sponges that knocks her wolf out of action; Hunter uses a Tennis Ball Shooter to fire exploding tennis balls which blasts his wolf out of it; Blitz uses "Tooshie Biting Bouquet" which fires a metal ball with chomping teeth at his wolf but it manages to dodge the attack; Hunter gives Shag the "Road Rover Missile Launcher" but he points the barrel the wrong way and takes out an abandoned building. Exile and Colleen must resort to hand-to-hand combat. Things don't go too well until Exile uses his heat vision to scare the wolves away. Proud at their work they decide to head home. Back at Road Rover Mission Control the Master is very disturb by the reports of roaming wolf packs and the disappearance of the Royal Family. As Colleen examines Exile's bruised and scratched body, she discovers a piece of fur that doesn't belong to him. Figuring that it came from the wolves and hoping to learn more about them, the fur is given to the world's most advanced start-of-the-art DNA analyzer: Professor Hubert, a Cano-Sapien who is a Bloodhound so he has the most sensitive nose in the world. To identify exactly what kind of animal they are dealing with, Hubert starts to compare the scent of the sample fur to that of every creature on the planet (he has a vast library of samples to compare to). The Rovers turn in. As the Professor continues to work through the night, Shag gets up for a late night snack. But in the kitchen he is confronted by a wolf equivalent of a Cano-Sapien. Shag is chased all around the complex but manages to loose his pursuer. So the wolf goes after Blitz who, as he runs in terror, runs into Shag. The two run to Hunter. They tell Hunter what happened but the only trace of the wolf they can find is his mess which leads to Exile's room. But when they burst in Exile is sound asleep and there is no sign of the wolf. In the morning Hubert's declares that the sample fur comes from a Werewolf. At the news, Exile hides in his room. When the Rovers track him down he explains about the ancient legend of the Werewolf, anyone bit or scratched by one will turn into one every time the moon is full: Exile was scratched in the attack in London. In an effort to find a cure, the Rovers seek the advise of the "Great Wise Dog Of The Mountain": Confuseus. He only helps the Rovers after he is given a box of cocktail weenies (the cheesy kind). Confuseus explains (in wrap) that the only way to counteract the effects of the Werewolf's Curse is to take the drool of a Werewolf and mix it with swamp water and pour it on the cursed one. But the Road Rovers are warned, they only have to the setting of the next full moon or the Werewolf's Curse will be permanent. Blitz and Colleen (who still refuses to remember Blitz's name) board the Cloud Rover (Two seated helicopter with twin rotors) as Hunter, Shag and Exile (who is tied and chained to a chair) take the Sky Rover (Three seated jet differs from previous model). The two vehicles race towards England to collect some swamp water. But on the way the sun sets and the moon comes up full. The good news is that Exile does not change into a Werewolf. The bad news in that Colleen does (she was also scratched in the battle in London). As Blitz tries to hold Colleen off, Hunter and his group speed to the nearest bog and collect swamp water. They then track the Cloud Rover to Stonehenge, here all the Werewolves have gathered. Exile explains it is time for them to pick their King and Queen. Blitz is found unharmed and wants nothing more than to flee, but Hunter declares that they aren't leaving without Colleen. As the moon sets and the sun begins to rise the Rovers attack. Shag is able to use the "Road Rover Missile Launcher" to blast a hole in the ground (which corals the Werewolves). Hunter pours a little swamp water on his favorite tennis ball and throws it into the mouth of Colleen (Werewolf), she is changed back to her old Cano-Sapien self. Hunter then uses his tennis ball and his Tennis Ball Shooter to bounce the ball off all the Werewolves thus changing everyone back to normal (including Di, Charles and the tourist). Back at Road Rover Mission Control the Master congratulates them all for a good job.

TITLE: "Where Rovers Dare"
AIR DATES: 10-12-96 and 10-13-96
WRITTEN BY: Brian Chin and Tom Ruegger
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, George Dzundza as Gustav Havoc, Brian George as Lieutenant Skeam, Rob Paulsen as Katzenstoki Ambassador and Victor Brandt as Eisnearian Ambassador
TODAY'S QUOTE: "And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge… Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice cry `Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war" - Julius Caesar, III, i, Line 270 By William Shakespeare
SYNOPSIS: Long ago, the nations of Eisneria and Katzenstok lived in peace and friendship next to each other. But that was changed when the golden bridge that connected the countries was destroyed by war. The only remnant of those peaceful days is the ancient "Scepter of the Valley". Until recently the scepter has been enshrined in Katzenstok's capital. But the scepter has been stolen. At the United Nations, Katzenstok accuses Eisneria of stealing it. Katzenstok warns that if the scepter is not returned by noon the following day they will declare war on Eisneria. The representative from the United States reassures that their top agents are working on getting the scepter back. Enter the Road Rovers: Colleen and Hunter are chased across snow covered mountains, on single seated motorcycle styled sleds which is driven by a lone traction wheel, by soldiers in heavily armed snow-terrain vehicles. The Rovers are barely able to join up with Shag and Exile in the Tank Rover (Four seated tank-like vehicle designed for the use in snow). But as they try to flee the vehicle is hit by a missile and tumbles down the mountain side. It comes to rest on a high cliff, it teeters perilously on the edge. To make matters worse one of the pursuers fires a missile and knocks the Tank Rover over the edge. As the vehicle plummets, Hunter takes the controls and it transforms into a large helicopter. The Rovers fly away, but the pursuers refuse to quit. After they drive their snow bound vehicles off the cliff they sprout wings and rockets engines. They begin to fly and continue their pursuit. They shoot the Tank Rover down. As it tumbles down the mountain, Hunter works at the controls again and the vehicle changes into a large sled. As they sled down the mountain Exile breaks into a rendition of "Jingle Balls". Exile then uses his heat vision to dispense with the baddie's vehicles. The group joins up with Blitz and Muzzle, Hunter displays the scepter proudly. A new group of pursuers appear and everyone climbs aboard a large black jet which seats all six. Colleen reminds Blitz (whose name she has forgotten again) of the urgency of their mission (he would rather bite baddie tooshies) and the jet takes off. Again the pursuing snow vehicle convert into flying vehicles and go after the Rovers. Also again the "Road Rovers" are shot out of the sky. As the craft plummets towards the ground (and after they all scream uncontrollably) Blitz grabs Colleen's hand and declares his dying love for her. Unfortunately, in the rush he has actually grabbed Exile's hand instead in which he responds: "Please consider therapy". As the craft is about to crash into a mountain top Hunter fires some missiles and blasts the earth in their path. He manages to crash land in the soft snow. But this doesn't halt the pursuers. Before the Rovers can radio for help they are forced to flee into a near by abandoned village. As more enemy troops rush in and surround the area the field commander, Lieutenant Skeam, reports into his commander: Gustav Havoc, a rebel arms dealer. It was he who stole the scepter in an effort to lure both countries into war, forcing them to buy arms from him. As the solders begin to search the town, some wolves come down from the mountains looking for food. As the Rovers make a break for it, one of the wolves are caught in the crossfire. Colleen operates on the wolf as Shag and Exile assist. They finish just it time because enemy tanks are moving. Colleen grabs the recovering wolf and the chase is on again. The Rovers manage to commandeer an enemy truck and speed out of the village, but the tanks continue to pursue. In the process Hunter, Colleen and Exile put in a little 60's nostalgic. The tanks fires and hits their truck, disabling it. The Rovers jump out and are on foot again (Colleen still carrying the injured wolf). Gustav, in a helicopter, corners the "Road Rovers" and they are captured. After he lands, Gustav demands that Hunter hands over the scepter but the point is moot now. The hurt wolf awakens and begins to howl. All around wolves appear and begin to growl at Gustav. He and Skeam make a mad dash for the helicopter. But it is too late, the wolves already have control of it. The UN arrives just in time (to save the baddies). The scepter is returned to its rightful place, overlooking the river separating both Katzenstok and Eisneria. Magically, the golden bridge that was destroyed long ago forms and connects the two countries once again. Peace has been restored.

TITLE: "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
AIR DATES: 10-26-96 and 10-27-96
DIRECTED BY: Blair Peters
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo and Sheena Easton as The Groomer
TODAY'S QUOTE: "Let sleeping dogs lie… Who wants to rouse 'em?" - from "David Copperfield" By Charles Dickens
SYNOPSIS: In the past 24 hours Ninjas (or "guys in pajamas") have broken into four museums around the world and have stolen artifacts of the Kurikawa: The most powerful Samurais of ancient Japan. Only one Kurikawa artifact remains: A statue of Buddha which is in Japan. The Master orders the "Road Rovers" to guard the statue. The Rovers speed to their target in the Sonic Rover (six seated super sonic jet). During the trip Exile is reading the famous children's book "Go, Dog. Go!" (he can not understand why the boy dog doesn't like the hat of the girl dog). The Rovers arrive at the statue ahead of the Ninjas. Suddenly, Ninjas come out of the wood work and a fight ensues. Exile tries to freeze one of them but he easily busts through the ice with his sword. Next up to bat is Blitz you fires his "Tooshie Biting Bouquet" (a gun that fires a metal ball with chomping teeth) at one of the Ninjas. The Ninja runs for his life until another throws a throwing star at the chomper and hits it, it spins out of control. But when it regains itself the chomper begins to chase after Shag. Hunter quickly pulls out a Frisbee weapon and throws it at the Chomper, he hits his mark. The chomper bounces off a few pillars and then explodes. Colleen gets into the act and, using her karate (and famous songs), sends one of the Ninjas (who was about to behead Shag) flying into a pillar. In order to protect the statue, Hunter grabs it and races for the door. But before he can reach the exit a Ninja throws a smoke bomb and the entire room is filled with smoke. When the smoke clears, both the Ninjas and the statue are gone. It is then Hunter realizes that the Ninjas smell like dogs. He is able to track their scent to a cave. Exile panics when he realizes that Blitz is missing (Colleen couldn't be happier), but Blitz pulls up in a 6 x 6 Rover vehicle. They all pile in and drive into the cave. To their dismay, the cave splits off into many caves. To cover more ground, Hunter and Shag set off on foot while the rest venture off in the vehicle. Hunter and Shag comes across a huge all terrain vehicle. Meanwhile, Colleen's group is being pursued by some sort of tunneling machine. She easily dispatches it by pressing a button which fires at missile and destroys the pursuing machine. While back with Hunter and Shag, they sneak aboard the large Ninja infested vehicle. Hunter takes care of two of the guards by rolling a tennis ball to them which then opens up and releases sleeping gas. They take their clothes and pose as Ninjas. As they venture deeper into the vehicle, they learn that it is Parvo (who unexplainably is coughing all the time) and his assistant Groomer who is behind everything. Parvo wanted all the artifacts because when they are all placed together they form some sort of map. Plus they learn the Ninjas are really Cano-Mutants. But before they can report any of this the Rovers are exposed and captured. Parvo has the vehicle move to a sealed cave entrance which is shrouded with mist. A smaller vehicle ventures out of the large one and sucks up all the mist, then the cave is blasted open. A huge dinosaur creeps out of the cave. Hunter and Shag are sent to the Cano-Mutator (so they can be transformed into Cano-Mutants). Meanwhile, Parvo follows the dinosaur which leads them to another cave filled with large dino-eggs (which is what Parvo is really after). Groomer sets off in a smaller vehicle to take out the dinosaur (the mother) per Parvo's orders. But the beast easily crushes the vehicle and sends Groomer scurrying just in time for Colleen's group to run across the monster. It chases them as they speed away. Not even Exile firing the "Road Rover Missile Launcher" will slow the dinosaur down. Their vehicle is eventually stepped on by the monster. While, back with Hunter and Shag. They are led to the Cano-Mutator but are able to turn the tables on their capturers and lock them up. Back in the nest, Parvo is collecting the eggs which he plans to hatch and use the monsters to rule the world. Hunter and Shag show up to his dismay. Parvo cracks open one of the eggs and releases a baby dinosaur. Shag deals with the baby as Hunter goes after Parvo (who is fleeing in a truck full of the eggs). As he is about to board the mother vehicle a battered Groomer shows up along with the mother dinosaur. The baddies flee back into the vehicle and are forced to fly away by the dinosaur (leaving the egg filled truck behind). Hunter commandeers the truck as Colleen, Exile and Blitz pull up in the badly battered Rover vehicle. Hunter explains that they must get the eggs back in the cave then they can use the machine that sucked up all the mist to fill the cave with the mist which makes the eggs and dinosaur sleep (he overheard Parvo stating this). Hunter delivers the eggs to the cave with mama dino in hot pursuit. But when he arrives he discovers that the eggs have all hatched. Fortunately, the other "Road Rovers" arrive and release the mist back into the cavern. Mother and all the baby dinosaurs fall into a deep sleep. To make sure no one disturbs them the entrance to the cave is sealed once again. After returning to Road Rover Mission Control, the Rovers use the Transdogmafier to turn the Cano-Mutants back to their original canine forms. But Exile is in tears, he has finished reading "Go, Dog. Go!" and is very pleased to learn that the boy dog actually did like the hat of the girl dog very much. As a reward for a good job done the Master gives all the Rovers a doggie treat.

TITLE: "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
AIR DATES: 11-02-96 and 11-03-96
WRITTEN BY: Earl Kress and Mark Seidenberg
DIRECTED BY: Jon McClenahan
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo, Sheena Easton as The Groomer, John Rubinow as Prosecutor, Stephen Furst as Sport, Elizabeth Lamers as Olivia Peru and Ed Gilbert as Judge Fore
UNACCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Ed Gilbert as Donavon Bell
COLLEEN'S TOP FIVE LEAST FAVORITE ROAD ROVERS: "5) What's-his-name, 4) Mr. Fluffy Pants, 3) Blinky, 2) Blintz and 1) Blister"
SYNOPSIS: In a warehouse on the seedy side of Miami Florida, Donavon Bell has collected a vast number of dogs which he has stolen from their rightful owners. But as he phones his buyer to arrange a pickup a snag pops up: Olivia Peru breaks into the warehouse and frees her stolen dog Sport. But before they can escape, Donavon grabs Olivia and threatens to shut her mouth for good. Sport flees on the command of his master and leave Olivia to he fate. Later, in court, Donavon is charged with the disappearance of Olivia. The problem is the prosecution has no hard evidence and a smug Donavon knows this. There was only one witness: Sport. But his attitude changes when his lawyer shows him a newspaper with talking dogs: The Road Rovers. Donavon demands that Sport be found. Later, Sport who is all alone, wet and cold is chased and finally capture by a gang of Donavon's thugs on motorcycles. But before they can escape with their helpless victim, the "Road Rovers" appear. They rush to Sport's defense: Exile and Shag on a Rover three wheel motorcycle while Hunter, Blitz and Colleen speed in the Street Rover (three seated three wheel car with super speed capacity and air bags). Colleen manages to grab Sport as they pass. But the baddies don't give up easy, they begin to chase. The "Road Rovers" manage to dispense with most of their pursuers, the last two they ditch by driving off the end of a pier. But where the baddies drive into the ocean, the Street Rover sprouts wings and flies while the Exile's motorcycle converts into a jet ski and he and Shag sail away. Later, back at Road Rover Mission Control. Sport tells the Rovers and the Master all that he saw in the Donavon's warehouse (Hunter interprets). He is the perfect witness to convict Donavon. Problem is that he is a dog, no human can understand him. But the Master has an answer for that: The Transdogmafier. Sport is changed into a Cano-Sapien. Now that Sport can talk, it's off to Miami in the Turbojet Rover (Six seated jet) so he can testify. But on the way there they are attacked by a trio of attack jet fighters which begin to fire missiles at them. Hunter manages to dodge all of their attacks, then it his turn to go on the offensive. He shoots one of the fighters down but as the pilot bails out he lands on the wing of the Turbojet Rover. The pilot pulls out a laser pistol and begins blasting the jet. Colleen takes control of the Turbojet Rover as Hunter goes out onto the wing to confront the enemy pilot. He tries to dispose of the baddie with a pistol version of his Tennis Ball Shooter, but the target ducks and Hunter blasts the tail of the Turbojet Rover instead. The pilot jumps him and they both tumble off the wing and plummet towards their doom. Hunter pops a hidden parachute and begins to float to safety, but the relentless pilot grabs onto him as he falls past. A struggle ensues but ends quickly when the pilot pulls out a laser wand and slices the strings of Hunter's parachute. He then lets go of Hunter and uses his own parachute to float safety to the ground while Hunter falls towards his demise. Fortunately, Colleen swoops the Turbojet Rover down, Shag grabs and pulls Hunter back inside. The remain two fighter blast the Turbojet Rover with missiles and it crashes into the ocean. But once it is underwater it transforms into a submarine. The gang speeds directly to Miami. When they hit the beach a large burrowing tank surfaces from under the sand, it has large Road Rover emblem which has the universal "not" symbol over it (a red circle with a slash through it). Hatches on the vehicle open and Parvo (who still has coughing fits) and Groomer appear with Olivia in toe, a group of baddies appear behind them as well. As it turns out Sport is working for the baddies (in his collar is a homing device), in exchange for leading Parvo to the "Road Rovers" Parvo will let Sport and Olivia go. But Parvo refuses to hold his end of the bargain, Olivia and Sport know too much about his operation (Parvo was Donavon's buyer). Both they and the "Road Rovers" must be disposed of. But before the baddie can do anything, the Rovers make a break for it. Hunter takes care of the minor baddies with his Tennis Ball Shooter while Colleen frees Sport and Olivia. The Rovers then commandeer some vehicles and flee, but Parvo and Groomer are in hot pursuit in their tank. They duck into the everglades and when the tank tries to follow Exile uses his cold vision to turn the swamp water to ice. The tank slides out of control and comes to a stop in quicksand. As Parvo and Groomer abandon the sinking tank the Rover race to Miami. Sport testifies, Donavon is convicted and set to prison. Sport and the Rovers return to the Master where Sport is changed back to his original canine form.

TITLE: "Hunter's Heroes"
AIR DATES: 11-09-96 and 11/10/96
WRITTEN BY: John Ludin and Mark Seidenberg
DIRECTED BY: Scott Jeralds
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo, Sheena Easton as The Groomer and Phil Hayes as Sgt. Curse
UNCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Jeff Glen Bennett as Hawkins
SYNOPSIS: At a secret installation, which is guarded by Cano-Mutants, Sergeant Curse is unloading a truck full of stolen dogs. One of which is Shag. As the prisoners are lined up some of them make a break for it but are easily captured. Groomer appears and explains that "No one has ever escaped from here... Alive". She looks over the prisoners but only Shag impresses her. Fortunately, she doesn't recognize him. He and the rest of the prisoners are locked up in a cell that has laser beams for bars. Groomer joins Parvo (who still has coughing attacks) and tells him they added 300 new dogs to their prison. In a quiet moment, we learn that the two baddies have a mushy and weird thing for each other. Parvo later explains his plans are per usually: Change the dogs into Cano-Mutants and use them as an army to takeover the world. His plan is in the final stage, in the morning the Cano-Mutants will be disbursed among the continents of the world. During the night, when the guards are asleep, Shag has a scratching fit. Colleen, who is in camouflage to match Shag's fur and has been on his back all along, comes out of hiding. She contacts the Rovers (via her headset radio) and tell them she is in position and ready to bust out. She uses an ingenious compact mirror device to deflect the lasers beam bars and creates an exit. But the other prisoners bolts and set off the alarm. Shag and Colleen run for it but there are guards all over the place. Fortunately, they are able to elude them all (thanks mostly to Colleen's cunning). Unfortunately, they are unable to elude the advanced security systems of the prison. Pinned down by laser fire, they only have one hope: Shag's Road Rover Missile Launcher. But once again he has forgotten which way to point it. Colleen takes over, she is not only able to blast the security systems but also a very large hole leading to the outside (which Shag gives her a very deserving "Best in Blasting" trophy). Meanwhile, Sergeant Curse is returning to the prison. But he stops his truck when he spots a young lady leaning under the hood of her car (apparently she is having car trouble). He offers to lend a hand but instead Hunter appears and gasses Curse using his gas bomb tennis ball and his Tennis Ball Shooter. As the Sergeant snoozes Exile and Blitz appear and remove the young lady from under the hood, it turns out that it was just a mannequin. Back inside the prison, Groomer is sending a group of dogs through the Cano-Mutator. Elsewhere, Parvo is trying to extort more money from his followers (people who have paid to be in Parvo's new world order). Back with the Rovers, they are driving a Rover car and come up with a way to get Colleen, Shag and the rest of Parvo's prisoners out. The vehicle begins to burrow under the ground and tunnels right underneath the prison. They leave the car and force their way up through a floor panel. Unfortunately, they come up in the guard barracks. About 50 Cano-Mutants with heavy weapons aim at Exile, Hunter and Blitz. The Rovers leap into action, split up and run for their lives. Naturally, the Cano-Mutants pursue. Hunter deals with his pursuer by using one of his exploding tennis balls, Blitz frightens his away using his super claws and teeth and Exile losses his by making the floor icy with his cold vision. Back with Shag and Colleen, they have been spotted and the guards are in hot pursuit. Shag dives into a room to come face to face with Groomer. As it turns out, she was looking for him. She feels that he needs to shave a few pounds, of hair that is. She begins by giving Shag a flattop (Edward Scissorhand style), he flees in terror knocking her into an auto-clipping unit (which she enjoys way too much). Colleen joins up with Hunter and his group, so does Shag. The Rovers begin to "do what dogs do": Dig. While Colleen and Exile break into (thanks to Exile's heat vision) the security section and sabotage all the security systems which opens the cells for all 10,000 canine prisoners. The dogs begin to escape through the tunnel Hunter, Shag and Blitz has dug. But in the middle of the escape attempt Groomer discovers them. Before she can blow the whistle, Blitz fires a homing spikes ball at her. She is barely able to elude the pursuing ball. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), she does this by running into on of the cells and is locked inside. Meanwhile, Shag tunnels up to the surface just short of the surrounding forest and is spotted by the guard in a tower. Worst yet is he is stuck halfway out of the hole and the guard is shooting at him. Colleen rushes to his aid, she throws a pair of grenade shaped bones up into the tower. They explode and create a giant gas cloud that obscures Shag and the tunnel exit from the guard. Shag breaks free and the dogs rash into the forest. While back in the complex, Exile is doing some more sabotage. At that same moment, Parvo relishes in his realization that in a few short hours the world will be his. His mood changes when he notices all the cells of his prison are empty. Exile's sabotage takes full effect as the prison is destroyed in a series of explosions. Parvo and Groomer arise from the ruins, he blames her for everything. Later, back at Road Rover Mission Control. The Master congratulates Hunter, Exile, Blitz, Colleen and Shag on another job well done. All the dogs are safe and back with their masters.

TITLE: "Dawn Of The Groomer"
Note: The title was later changed to "Dawn Of The Groomer - Part 2"
AIR DATES: 11-16-96 and 11/17/96
WRITTEN BY: Mark Seidenberg
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo and Sheena Easton as The Groomer
TODAY'S QUOTE: "Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it is too dark to read" - Groucho Marx
SYNOPSIS: In 3000 B.C. the ancient ritual of eternal life is talking place in a large city in Egypt. But when the participates can not complete the ritual the entire city is buried in a massive sand storm. 5000 years later (that is 35,000 in dog years), the Rovers are busy in New York City. They are pursuing, in the Street Rover (three seated three wheel car with jet propulsion), two Cano-Mutants in a mini van through the streets of the city. With Colleen at the wheel Hunter is having puppies (no pun intended), she isn't that good of a driver. During the chase Hunter and Groomer face off with powerful weapons (Hunter takes out a billboard advertising the play "Cats"). Exile, Shag and Blitz joins the chase in a taxi cab (with a driver that can't speak a word or English). After a merry chase they catch up with Groomer. But before they can do anything, they are diverted by some cats. The Rovers take time out to chase the felines (dogs will be dogs). The fun stops when Shag spots Groomer and the Cano-Mutants collecting cats. He runs in terror and hides in a mini van: The same one that Groomer came in. The baddies. with their feline cargo, jump in and drive (flies) away with Shag (unknown to them). The van is taken to a large fortress. There Groomer has a discussion with Parvo on how they can use Felo-Mutants, cats that have been sent through the Cano-Mutator (Transcatmutation), can be used to take over the world. She sends three cats through and they are transformed into cat mutants. Though they appear to be rivals of Cano-Mutants, Parvo is dead set against it (you can't control cats). Meanwhile, the "Road Rovers" arrive at the fortress (they followed a homing signal in Shag's collar) in Tri Rovers* (two seated motorcycle like vehicles with tank trends and a single driving wheel). Back in the fortress, the alarm sounds. Needless to say Parvo is upset. Groomer sends the Felo-mutants out after the "Road Rovers" but they easily deal with them (they dump a water tank of water on them - cats hate water). Parvo is upset that they failed but pleased that they did (to prove his point that dogs are better than cats). He orders Groomer to get rid of the Felo-Mutants, but she refuses. She quits, takes her mutants and boards a flying craft (along with the Cano-Mutator) to Parvo's dismay. But as she flees the craft is destroyed by a hidden bomb (planted by Parvo). The Rovers find Shag safe and sound. Seven years later (that's one year for humans), operatives for the "Road Rovers" (Cano-Sapiens) have found no sign of Parvo in this time. But what they have found are disturbing reports of Felo-Mutants near Cairo. The Rovers race to Egypt in the Turbojet Rover (Six seated jet). But as they fly over some ancient ruins the craft is hit by lasers. As Hunter battles at the controls, the rest of the Rovers bailout (on Hunters orders) using Wing Rovers* (one dog jet packs). Hunter manages to land the Turbojet Rover but in the meantime Colleen and Blitz are captured by Felo-Mutants and are taken inside the ruins. They are brought before Groomer who is now dressed up like an Egyptian queen. She explains to them that she is going to complete the ritual (which was started at the beginning of the episode). But to do that a sacrifice is needed: A canine sacrifice. She will use the Rovers for it. Blitz desperately tries to convince Groomer he is not a Road Rover nor a dog. In a rare instance, Colleen actually knowledges his existence and that he is a Road Rover (Poor Blitz). The two captive Rovers are strung up over boiling lava. As Groomer recites the chant for the ritual, the prisoners are slowly lowered towards the lava. To everyone's amazement the ritual appears to be working. Three mummies come to life and step forward. But Groomer's hopes are dashed when the mummies turn out to be doggies (Hunter, Shag and Blitz). Hunter uses his Tennis Ball shooter to bring down the house (literally). As everyone flees, Shag saves Colleen and Blitz from the lava. The "Road Rovers" board the Turbojet Rover and fly away as a giant sand storm kicks up. Groomer flees into the desert and the ancient city is once again buried. Alone, lost, without water she does the unspeakable. She uses a radio to call Parvo (who is orbiting the earth in a giant bulldog spaceship, but he ignores her. Back at Road Rover Mission Control, all is back to normal. Parvo and Groomer have been defeated and Colleen is turning up her snout to all of Blitz's advancements. Back in Egypt, Parvo's spacecraft lands and picks up Groomer. She begs for forgiveness. Parvo explains that he hates cats. At that moment Parvo coughs up a fur ball. Embarrassed, he removes his helmet to exposes his real form: He is part cat (has feline ears). The two baddies huge each other and make up. The screen fades and "To be continued..." appears on the screen.

TITLE: "Still A Few Bugs In The System"
AIR DATES: 11-23-96 and 11-24-96
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo, Sheena Easton as The Groomer and Steven Franken as Professor Eugene Atwater
UNCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Frank Welker as Flea
" No bugs were mistreated in the making of this motion picture. We encourage all of our viewers to be kind to bugs. Especially, since they may one day take over the world. Thank you."
SYNOPSIS: At the Be-Gone Chemical factory the "Road Rovers" are in the process of shutting down another one of General Parvo's operations. At first, the Rovers have little trouble dealing with the Cano-Mutants guarding the facility. But when Parvo sends in reinforcements the Cano-Sapiens are overwhelmed. So they release Muzzle on them and he cleans house. With Parvo's plans once again foiled, he flees. In the process he decides that he may be looking at the whole world domination thing wrong. Later, Professor Eugene Atwater is giving a speech on bugs. He believes that with war, toxic waste and nuclear war ravaging the earth the only way humans will be able to survive is to become bugs. But when he asks for funding for his research he is laughed at by all. All but one. Groomer hands him a blank check from Gen-Par Industries (General Parvo). Atwater is able to continue his work. A year later (that's seven in dog years). Atwater has set up a vast lab in which he has exposed his bugs to vast amounts of radiation which has surprisingly made the strong and resilient. Parvo, Greta (his pet Rottweiler) and Groomer pay the professor a visit. They take the super bugs and send them through a modified version of the Cano-Mutator (the "Bug Habichi"). The tiny bugs are transformed into a giant Flea, Tick and Mange. Atwater protests that this is not what his work was suppose to produce. Parvo decides to quiet him and sics the Killer Flea on him. But the monster regards Atwater as a father and goes after Parvo instead. The General saves his skin by offering to continue to fund the professor's work. A bargain is struck. Later, the T-Bone dog biscuit factory is destroyed. The Master sends the Rovers out to investigate. Once they fly to the site of destruction, they find huge tracks leading into the forest. The "Road Rovers" follow the tracks which leads to Atwater's lab at Gen-Par Inc. But when they break in Parvo sics the mutant bugs on them. This is little concern for the Rovers. After all, they have Muzzle. They sic him on the monsters. The Rottweiler does fairly well with dealing with the mutants until he runs across Greta and he instantly falls in love, he has no desire to fight (Parvo's plan is working perfectly). The bugs go after the "Road Rovers" despite Atwater's protest. Just when things seem their darkest, the Professor tells his pets to stop. The killer bugs agree, "dogs are not our true enemy". All the bugs flee but Parvo, Groomer and Greta (after abandoning Muzzle) are hot pursuit. The Rovers are not far behind (toting a heart broken Muzzle). Everyone meets at the Up-State Nuclear Power Plant. The Mutant Bugs plan on destroying the reactor cord and starting a nuclear winter. The other two bugs keep the "Road Rovers" busy while Flea heads for the reactor. In order to keep Muzzle busy, Greta is released to do her job. But in the heat of battle Hunter interrupts their romantic interlude. Greta goes off in a huff and Muzzle explodes in a furry of rage (even by Muzzle standards). He attack Parvo's ship and begins to tear it apart. Hunter, in an anti-radiation suit, confronts Flea in the core. Hunter tries to soothe the beast with a Ringo Starr/John Lennon impersonation but he doesn't respond. In the struggle the Mutant Bug destroys the catwalk Hunter is standing on. While hanging from one hand he pulls out a small gun from a hidden compartment in his suit and fires it at Flea. The tiny gun packs quite a wallop. Not only does it blast the bug from the reactor core but back out into the parking lot. The Killer Bug is shaken up but not out. He picks up a large concrete block and prepare to throw it at Colleen. Atwater tries to intervene but the remains of the block (which Colleen karate chops into smaller hunks) hit Atwater and knocks him down. Flea vows to destroy all the Rovers in a nuclear winter. Exile uses his Cold vision to freeze all the rampaging bugs into blocks of ice. Back with Parvo's ship, Muzzle takes a break from mass destruction to look at Greta through a windows. The two look loving at each other, but Muzzle comes to his senses and turns his nose up on her and leaves. Parvo escapes in his badly damaged ship. Later, back at Road Rover Mission Control. Shag uses the Transdogmafiers to turns the Mutant bugs back into regular ones. The Rovers mail them to the Sunnyville Sanitarium. There, they are reunited with Professor Atwater (who is now a patient there). They are all one big happy (and insane) family.

TITLE: "Reigning Cats and Dogs"
Note: The title was later changed to "Reigning Cats and Dogs - Part 3"
AIR DATES: 02-01-97 and 02-02-97
WRITTEN BY: Mark Seidenberg and Tom Ruegger
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo, Sheena Easton as The Groomer and Michael McKean as Dr. Jeffrey Otitus
TODAY'S QUOTES: "I know Sir John will go, though he was sure it would rain cats and dogs" - From "Polite Conversation" by Jonathan Swift
"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principle difference between a dog and a man." - From "Fudd'nhead Wilson" by Mark Twain
"If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you. But if a cat does the same thing it is because your lap is warm." - From "Dialogues" by Alfred North Whitehead
SYNOPSIS: The Rovers search the Cosmos in a spaceship (it looks like a dog with a Frisbee in its mouth) for Parvo. After Hunter does a Shatner impersonation, Parvo's ship (shaped like a bulldog) ambushes the Rovers. In desperation, the saucer (Frisbee) section of the ship disengages with the Rovers in it. Parvo takes chase. In the heat of the battle both ships are sucked into a black hole. Hunter manages to steer the ship out of the black hole but Parvo's ship isn't as lucky, they pass all the way through. Afterwards, Parvo contemplates how he can use the power of the black hole to his advantage. Back at Parvo's secret head quarters, he takes himself through the Transdogmafier. He has been treating himself in an effort to remove all his feline traits (so he'll be a REAL man). Parvo has constructed a time transforming device (a time machine). To test it, he sends a statue of himself back to November 26, 1922. Back on that exact date, King Tut's tomb is being opened. There, Parvo's statute is found. With the test a complete success, Parvo plans to go back into time and kill Professor Shepherd (before he became the Master). If there is no Shepherd there is no "Road Rovers" No "Road Rovers" and Parvo can take over the world. But before he sets out to change history, he treats himself to one more treatment in the Transdogmafier. But during the process the Rovers attack. As the base is pounded by the attack, the controls to the Transdogmafier slip into reversed and Parvo is changed back into his original form: A cat. As Groomer picks up her former boss, he scratches her face. In anger, she tosses the cat onto the pad of the time machine and the cat is mistakenly sent back into time. It appears in Socorro, New Mexico 8 dog years ago. It finds its way to Shepherd's house where it is attack but Scout (a Rottweiler). Shepherd comes to the cat's rescue (not realizing it is Parvo) and takes it in. He names it Boots. Back in the present, the battle rages on. Groomer is deploying Cano-Mutants against the Rovers. The Cocker Spaniel (Fluffy) and Dalmatian Cano-Mutants from the first episode run into the Rovers. Colleen recognizes them and they her, they turn and flee in terror (she kicked their butts back then). While back in the past, Shepherd is working hard on his Transdogmafier project at his lab. He is interrupted by Jeffrey Ottius who is the one who arranged for Shepherd's funding. Jeffrey is only interested in making money while Shepherd's only concern is the good of the world. He explains that the unit is ready for testing and that he's got some candidates in mind (on the computer he displays the current "Road Rovers") Later, Jeffrey has his own plans for Shepherd's invention. He finds an interested party in buying the plans for it but they want proof first. To do so, Jeffrey attempts to capture and send Scout through the Transdogmafier. But when Scout is too much of a match for Jeffrey, he takes Boots instead. The cat is sent through the processes and transformed into the Parvo we all know and love. Parvo forces Jeffrey to construct the Transdogmafier from memory. To test it, they dognap Scout and send him through the machine. But all that happens is that Scout turns insane. Back in the present, Muzzle is brought up to handle some Cano-Mutants (who run in fear). As the Rovers burst in the main lab Groomer sends herself back in time, she joins up with Jeffrey and Parvo. He changes help (gets rid of Jeffrey and keeps Groomer). Parvo phones Shepherd and offers an exchange: Scout's life for the plans to the Transdogmafier. Reluctantly, he agrees. Just then the "Road Rovers" (traveling through time) appear. But as they are about to nab Parvo and Groomer, he uses a gun to bring down the house on the Rovers (literally). Scout breaks free and makes a run for it. Desperately needing the mutt (to trade for the plans), Parvo and Groomer give chase in a truck. The Rovers dig themselves out and pursue in a jeep. As the chase progresses Shag types out a letter (on a laptop/printer computer), puts it in an envelope and mails it. Back in the present, the Master is losing contact with the Rovers on his time machine. He is forced to bring the Rovers back prematurely. The Jeep, now driverless, crashes into Parvo's truck and both vehicles are destroyed. This allows Scout to escape. In fear, he hops a train. But Parvo isn't beaten yet. He tricks Shepherd into thinking he still has Scout (Groomer barks over the phone). But before the exchange, Shepherd receives and opens the letter from Shag. It warns him not to trust Parvo. Back in the present, the Rovers are bummed out because Parvo got away. But the Master is very pleased, he shows them the letter from Shag and explains that this saved his life (back in the first episode he was tipped off that Parvo was going to blow up his lab). So the Rovers go golfing. Back in the past, Scout finds himself in Los Angles, California. There, he is captured animal control personal of the city. He is thrown into a truck with other dogs. One of them is about to attack Scout, but a Pre-Cano-Sapien Hunter jumps out of a cage and defends him. It is then we realize that Scout is Muzzle. The show ends with Hunter and Scout as buddies.

TITLE: "Gold and Retrievers"
AIR DATES: 02-08-97 and 02-09-97
WRITTEN BY: Jeff Kwitny and Tom Ruegger
DIRECTED BY: Jon McClenahan
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Jim Cummings as General Parvo, Sheena Easton as The Groomer, Maurice Lamarche as Malcomb Lamarche, Kaylan Romero as Luka and Lara Cody as Sydney The Archaeologist
UNCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Jeff Glen Bennett as Digit and Frank Welker as The President
TODAY'S QUOTES: "Dedicated to Oso"
SYNOPSIS: The episode begins as Luka (a small South American boy) recounts a reoccurring dream to his seeing eye dog Oso. In the dream are the "Road Rovers" a strange looking golden pyramid and Oso. The boy is clueless on the meaning of the dream other than the structure in the dream is the Great Pyramid of Hope. It will grant anyone one wish whose heart is true. The boy states that if he was granted a wish he would wish that Oso would live forever. On the way home through the thick South American jungle, a giant fish mutant appears and Oso attacks. Meanwhile, in the financial world everything is going to pot. Gold is being flooded in causing financial up heave. In the Oval Office, the president is on the phone talking to British Prime Minster who shares her concerns. Hunter is at the president's feet chewing on a tennis ball as Colleen is being petted by the Prime Minister (both are in their pre-Cano-Sapien form). Blitz, Exile and Shag are with their masters as they discuss the same problem over the phone. After everyone leaves a bright light shines down on Hunter and the Master's voice says: "Hunter. The time has come." and he races away. The bright light shines on Colleen as she rests and the Master's voice is heard saying: "Colleen. You're needed." She too races away. Then the bright light shines on Blitz and the Master says: "Blitz. Prepare for battle." And he races away. The light next falls on Exile which the Master tells him: "Exile. Report to Headquarters." And he races from the room. Lastly, the light falls onto a sleeping Shag. It takes the Master several tries but he is finally able to wake up Shag who starts whining and complaining. All of the Rovers race to Mission Control viva their underground dog shaped vehicles (as seen in "Storm From The Pacific"). They then all jump into their Transdogmafier and are transformed into the "Road Rovers" we all know and love. They get right down to business: Wanting to have lunch. But the Master stops them because their is more urgent business at hand (to Shag's dismay). The Master briefs them explaining that if the flow of gold is not stopped into the free market a global collapse of economics will happen. Apparently, the gold is coming from South America deep in the Brazen rain forest. The Master orders them to stop the flow of gold. Hunter tries to squeeze lunch in before they set out but the Master sets them straight. The Rovers board the Pack Rover (a cargo jet) and fly to South America. Once the jet reaches coordinates provided by the Master Hunter attempts a landing, but of course it ends up as a crash landing. The Rovers pull out the Hover Rover and the Hydro Rover* (speed boat) and sets them up in the Amazon river. But before they can set out they are attacked by the fish creature (the one that Oso attacked). The Rovers jump into their vehicles and speed down the river. But more of the creatures appear (on jet skis) and take pursuit. One of them jumps aboard the Hydro Rover but Colleen dispatches it using her Martial Art skills. At the same time, another jumps aboard the Hover Rover. Muzzle hops (since he is still strapped to his cart) forward and knocks the creature into the turbo fan of the hovercraft which does a number on the creature's rear area, it jumps off the vehicle in pain. Back on the Hydro Rover, Hunter is throwing discs at the still pursuing creatures. They all catch them in their mouths and they explode ("Sushi anyone?"). In a lull of the action, Shag's cellular phone rings. He has a brief unintelligible conversation. Meanwhile, in an effort to dispatch with the rest of the pursuing creatures Blitz uses his Puppy Blaster* (a laser pistol) on them. Unfortunately, he misses and hits the Hydro Rover. The craft lurches to one side throwing out Hunter, Colleen and Shag. Then crashes into a rock and explodes. Later, Hunter confronts Blitz and demands he hand his weapon over. He refuses. Colleen settles the matter by screaming at Blitz (which sends him reeling into the river). The Rovers set out on foot but quickly step into a pit trap. Later, they are tied up and are being lowered into a blazing fire. The villagers that captured them think the Rovers are the monsters. But just as they are about to reach the flames Luka shows up and convinces the villagers that the Rovers do not sound or smell like the creatures so they are let free. Luka's mother explains that he is blind but has seen many visions, like the dream at the beginning of the story. He also explains that the monsters took Oso (who has been his pal for the past 14 years). This ticks off the Rovers. They set out on the river again. Colleen and Hunter lead the way in a canoe while the rest follow in the Hover Rover. Colleen uses a sensing device to find the source of the gold. It is a huge complex in the middle of the river. After gassing some mutant guards, the Rovers sneak in. As they search the place they discover that all the ancient treasures of the area are being melted down into gold bars. They also discover who is behind the entire operation: General Parvo. He had originally come to the rain forest to find new biological weapons but instead found the Great Pyramid of Hope and all it's treasures. At that point he has a confrontation with Sydney, an Archaeologist. She is angered that all the treasures she has uncovered Parvo is melting down. Parvo shelves the discussion and moves to more pressing matters. Tonight is the night when the moon will align with the pyramid and awaken it granting the wisher one wish. At that point Digit, Parvo's financial adviser, reminds the General that they have placed investments on purchasing several parts of the world but they need to ship all the gold tonight including the pyramid. Sydney protests but is overruled by Parvo. He reassures Digit everything will be sent after the ceremony tonight. At that moment, Shag's phone starts ringing again exposing the Rover's hiding place in the ceiling. Groomer whips out her laser and blasts a hole in the roof. Shag, Hunter and Colleen fall through and land before the baddies. The Rovers race away and Groomer sends her fish mutants after them. Then her, Parvo, Digit and Sydney drive over to the pyramid. Back with the Rovers, Hunter tracks down Oso and Colleen frees him. The gang races for the Hover Rover (where Exile, Blitz and Muzzle are waiting in). But just as they are about to reach it, the mutants attack them. Oso turns and flees, Colleen and Hunter follow. The mutants surround Shag and set to attack. Exile and Blitz set Muzzle free and he "Muzzles them" (the mutants). The monsters flee the scene. Oso leads Hunter and Colleen to the Great Pyramid. Also here is Parvo and his gang, ready to have his wish granted. Sydney pleas with the General one last time to spare the pyramid like he promised when she agreed to help him, but he'll have nothing with it. He wants total world domination (what else?). The pyramid comes to life and looks deep into Parvo's heart. Since his heart is not true, the eye of the pyramid blasts him. The eye then moves upon Oso and looks into his heart, a wish is granted. Then the ground beneath the pyramid opens up and swallows it. Hunter and the gang race back to the Hover Rover while Parvo and his gang wallow in defeat. The Hover Rover races away and sprouts wings, it flies into the night sky. The Rovers go back the village and return Oso to Luka. To everyone's surprise Luka can now see. This was Oso's wish. After all these years he can see Oso and now instead of Oso taking care of Luka, he can take care of Oso. Back at Road Rover Mission Control, the Master congratulates the Rovers on another successful mission. The financial markets of the world have been stabilized and the world is saved. Once again, Shag's phone rings. He leads everyone into the next room where massive quantities of food are waiting for them. All the calls that Shag has been getting have been from the caterers. Everyone digs in.

TITLE: "Take Me To Your Leader"
AIR DATES: 02-15-97 and 02-16-97
WRITTEN BY: Mark Seidenberg and Nick DuBois
DIRECTED BY: Brian Chin and Scott Jeralds
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Sheena Easton as Mrs. British Prime Minister, Maurice Lamarche as Russian President, Larry Drake as Captain Zachary Storm and Steven Franken as Professor Eugene Atwater
UNCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Joe Campanella as the German Chancellor, Jeff Bennett as the Swiss president, Sheena Easton as Persia (the dog commanding the space vessel) and Frank Welker as The President
TODAY'S QUOTES: "The more I see the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs." - from "Count D'Orsay, Letter To John Foster" by Alphonse De Lamartime
SYNOPSIS: In Hungry Moose, Montana. Captain Zachary Storm in sentenced to life in a Federal prison for treason against the United States (see "Storm From The Pacific") without the possibility of parole. But as he is escorted away, a spaceship appears blasting the roof of the courthouse open and zaps Storm into oblivion. It then proceeds to blast the rest of the town. Later, at Camp David. The heads of state for the United States, England, Germany, Russia and Switzerland have gathered. Along with Hunter, Colleen, Blitz, Exile and Shag (in their non-Cano-Sapien forms). A Spaceship has been appearing all around the world. The crises is so unnerving that Nato forces have be activated. The leaders pledge to unite against any threat. That night, as all are asleep, the spaceship appears. The secret service urges the President and the others to take cover but he refuses. They need to get to the bottom of this once and for all. The President steps forward (since he can't find Hillary), so do all the other leaders. They board the ship and are confronted by a group of armored humanoids. Through electronic means, they link into all the brains of the leaders. Afterwards, the Leaders return to the camp and the spaceship leaves. When the Secret Service asks what the aliens want, the President replies: "Unconditional Surrender". Later, the world leaders accuse each other with conspirering with the aliens for world power (the dogs are doing the same). In the end they all declare war on each other. Just then, a bright light shines down on the canines. The Master's voice declares "Rovers. This is a red alert. It's time to save the world." Later, at Road Rover Mission Control. The Rovers (now in Cano-Sapien form) are briefed by the Master. He orders them to track down the UFO. The gang, along with Muzzle, boards their frisbee-like spaceship (as seen in "Reigning Cats and Dogs") and heads for the sky. With the help of the Road Rover satellite, the Rovers are able to track down the UFO to "Greatest Lakes". But as they close in the spaceship attack theirs. It is no match, the Rover craft is shot out of the sky. On Hunter's orders, everyone but he and Colleen abandons ship using parachutes. The Rover Vehicle crashes into the lake (with Hunter and Colleen still inside). But the paratroopers can not escape, the UFO picks them up. The leader of the aliens (also in full body armor) orders the prisoners sent through his Neural Brain Scrambler to insure their loyalty to him. But just then the Rover saucer craft shows up and starts blasting away at the UFO. Hunter and Colleen were able to pump out the water of the downed ship. But it is still no match for the alien craft so Hunter flies the ship towards space, the aliens pursue. But it is a trap. The Rover craft joins up with the Enterprise-Like spaceship (from "Reigning Cats and Dogs"). There the Space Rovers (Cano-Sapiens that wear uniforms like that from Star Trek: The Next Generation) are in control. Colleen and Hunter blast their way in and free their friends. A battle ensues. As alien reinforcements arrive Exile frees Muzzle so he can "Muzzle them". Muzzle cleans house. As the alien leader tries to escape Hunter throws a frisbee weapon at him. It knocks off his helmet to reveal that the leader is Storm. He faked his death and all the humanoids are not aliens at all. Cornered, Storm begins a self-destruct sequence. Hunter grabs Storm, he and the rest of the Rovers dash back aboard their ship. They speed away just as Storm's ship explodes. The United States Navy picks up all of Storm's mercenaries who ejetisoned. Storm himself is brought back to Hungry Moose, Montana. There he is sentenced to another life term without the possibility of parole. Storm is sent to the Sunnyville Sanitarium and locked in a padded room. But he continues to declare that he will have his revenge. Back at Road Rover Mission Control, the Master congratulates the Rovers on a job well done. Hunter, to everyone's dismay, declares for a group hug. Later around the earth, the world leaders settle in for the night with their pooches (back in non-Cano-Sapien form)... But wait! The show isn't over yet. Back at the metal hospital, Storm is gloating. He reveals to fellow inmate Professor Eugene Atwater (as see in "Still A Few Bugs In The System") that that night during the lunar eclipse a post hypnotic suggestion will become active in all of the world leaders (Storm planted it when they came aboard his ship). Their will be war! Sure enough, during the lunar eclipse the leaders begin to order their nuclear arsenals to be launched at each other. Fortunately, the Master has learned of Storm's plan of destruction (by a security camera in his cell). He calls the "Road Rovers" into action. But there is not enough time for them to rush to Road Rover Mission Control, Transdogmafy and return to stop their masters. They must do it as normal dogs. As the missiles prepare to launch, the world leaders begin to phone in the verification codes. Through distraction and all out attacks, the dogs are able to keep the leaders busy until the lunar eclipse passes. It is then that the post hypnotic suggestion passes and they return to normal. All of the strikes are called off. The world is once again saved! The next day the dogs are rewarded for the deeds of valor. The Master congratulates them all... But we're still not done! Back at the Sunnyville Sanitarium, Storm continues to rant an rave about how he will be back. Atwater tells him to be quiet and then continues to talk to his bugs, telling them which of them can have what country when he takes over the world. Storm protests declaring the world is his. A few others jump in and claim the world (including Brain from "Pinky and the Brain"). The episode concludes with the "Pinky and the Brain" theme... There. Now the episode is finally over!

TITLE: "A Day In The Life"
AIR DATES: 02-22-97 and 02-23-97
WRITTEN BY: Tom Ruegger
DIRECTED BY: Scott Jeralds
CAST (VOICES): Jess Harnell as Hunter, Tress MacNeille as Colleen, Kevin M. Richardson as Exile, Jeff Glen Bennett as Blitz, Frank Welker as Shag, Joseph Campanella as The Master, Sheena Easton as the Groomer, Rob Paulsen as Gas Station Attendant and Maurice Lamarche as Radio Announcer
UNCREDITED CAST (VOICES): Maurice LaMarche as Sam Donaldson and Jim Cummings as General Parvo
GREAT DOG JOKE: Q: Woof Woof Woof Bark Bark Woof?
A: Arf Arf Woof!
TODAY'S QUOTES: "The papa's name is "Sonvo" so here's the switch, the kid's middle name is Sonov-Ovitch!"
(Note: This scene was later cut from the episode due to alleged public pressure from parents)
SYNOPSIS: It is 6:00am in Shag's bedroom. His radio alarm clock goes off so he hits the snooze button. At 6:10am he does the same. But at 6:20 he blasts it while a Howard Stern like Dj is speaking (wish I could do that for real). At 7:00am the Rovers meet in the dinning area of Road Rover Mission Control. Colleen confuses Blitz with yet another silly name and Blitz ends with a fat lip. At 7:15am everyone digs into breakfast. At 7:30 Blitz and Muzzle line up outside the washroom, Shag is hogging the toilet (more like drinking out of it). At 8:00am the Master briefs the Rovers and gives them there agenda. The major points are freeing hostages, attending a peace signing and track down a UFO. But as the are about to break, Blitz puts up a fuss about on why he isn't the leader. Hunter applies a little distraction to clear up the matter. At 8:30am the Rovers are finally on the road (sky), flying to their first destination. It is Colleen's turn to complain (she wants to fly) and the first of many jokes are recycled. At 9:00am Exile is desperately trying to get in the bathroom aboard the jet but once again Shag is inside drinking from the toilet. At 9:30am the boys are relaxing playing some games while Hunter is busy working on his laptop. But when questioned on what he is doing Hunter becomes very defensive. As he tries to leave in a huff Hunter drops a picture from his files, it is of a female Golden Retriever. Blitz sees it and teases Hunter about having a girlfriend. The boys have a good laugh but Colleen is devastated (she wants to be Hunter's girlfriend). At 10:30am Exile and Shag have a refreshing moment together. 10:35am the jet lands near a building guarded by many soldiers who have hostages. Hunter comes up with an original plan: Try to sneak in. Though this doesn't impress anyone. At 11:00am the Rovers sneak inside. At 11;07am the Rovers are in the thick of battle. Colleen is kung fuing the dickens out of the soldiers while Exile is freezing everyone with his cold vision while Blitz is chasing the rest of the guards around while trying to bite them in the tooshies. Else where Hunter and Shag frees the hostages. At 11:12am the Rovers are whisking the hostages away. At 11:58am the Rovers are flying away from the White House after returning the former hostages to the president. As the Master congratulates the Rovers (via a video screen) the UFO they were suppose to track down appears and attempts to capture their plane. At 12:03pm the UFO is chasing the Rover's plane and trying to blast it out of the sky. As Hunter flies the plane and dodges the attacks Colleen presses a button on the control panel and their jet speeds away at super speed, losing the UFO. The gang stops at Chunky Lunky and picks lunch to go but Blitz doesn't get the peppermint shake he ordered. At 12:35pm the Rovers are busy eating in flight. But Exile makes a horrifying discovery. The name of the item he is eating is called a hotdog. He freaks out thinking he is eating a real dog. At 1:00pm the jet is parked in front of a gas station where Hunter refills the plane as Shag uses the time to feed his face as Blitz uses the bathroom (what is it with all these scenes with bathrooms?). After the potty break they are all off and flying again. At 2:00pm everyone is taking a nap while Exile flies the plane and Hunter his working on his laptop again. Exile questions him about the dog in the picture. Colleen wakes up in time to hear that Hunter has been trying to track down this dog for a long time. She lives in Wyoming. Exile urges him to go and visit her. Hunter wants to but there isn't any time since he is a Road Rover. Exile decides to make time, he turns the plane around and heads for Wyoming. Colleen is not pleased at all. At 4:30pm Hunter sits on a hill and looks down at a farm, in the farmyard is the dog from the picture. She is barking at him. Colleen asks Hunter why he doesn't go down there. He is tongue tied. Against Colleen's better judgment, both she and Exile urge him to go down and talk to the dog. While he is making a visit the rest the Rovers will handle the peace treaty signing. He agrees to go down. As Colleen leaves a tear forms in her eye. Hunter meets with the dog and as it turns out it is his mother. They have a tender reunion. At 5:45pm the Rovers are flying away from a successful peace conference and over Yellowstone. The only mishap was when Shag bumped into Sam Donaldson and knocked off his toupee. It landed on Blitz who proceeded to attack it. Just then the UFO appears again and this time it is successful in capturing their craft. At 6:00pm Blitz is being interrogated by an unknown voice behind a oneway mirror. The voice wants to know the secrets of the "Road Rovers" but instead Blitz babbles on and on. At 6:15pm Colleen is being interrogated by the mysterious voice. But like Blitz all she reveals is a lot of trivial things about herself. At 6:30pm Exile is the next to be questioned by the unseen voice. After learning Exile's real name (Exilo Mikhailovich SanHusky). But the scene quickly deteriorates into a song about where Russians get their names from. (Note: This scene was cut after the first airing of this episode due to alleged public pressure from parents) At 6:45pm Muzzle is interrogated but he reveals nothing. Not that he doesn't say anything it is just that no one understands him. At 6:47pm it is Shag's turn. He spills his guts (with Colleen interpreting). He tells the voice how to make his Kung Pow Chicken (mixed with toilet water). Finally, the mysterious voice reveals himself. It is Parvo (surprised?). He declares the Rovers have had their fun. Now it's his and Groomer's turn. At 7:00pm Hunter is with his mother on the farm explaining how he found her. Suddenly, his dog tag starts flashing signaling the Rovers are in trouble. Hunter rushes off (after promising his mother that he'll be careful). At 8:00pm the rest of the Rovers find themselves tied up and dangling over a pit of lava in a forest. Cano-Mutants are everywhere. Parvo asks for any last requests. Blitz responds with asking for a peppermint milkshake. He is denied. The Rovers are lowered towards the lava. Just then a crop duster appears with Hunter at the controls. He dusts the Mutants and Parvo, then frees the Rovers. Hunter proceeds to Muzzle Parvo and Groomer (Yes! At last!). At 9:00pm the Rovers are flying home. When asked how everything went on the farm Hunter explains that the dog is not his girlfriend but his mother. When Hunter asks Colleen who she thought the dog was Blitz explains that she thought it was her girlfriend. She process to pummel Blitz into a bulkhead. But she feels guilty about the unprovoked attack and apologizes calling him Blitz (another first). At 11:00pm the Rovers are back at Mission Control having peppermint milkshakes. Exile confesses that he likes Blitz's discovery. Outside, Colleen confronts Hunter and asks him if he would like to take a walk with her. He is overjoyed. The next scene Colleen is still in her Cano-Sapien form while Hunter is not. She walks him on the beach with a leash. Back in the bathroom Shag is busy drinking out of the toilet while Exile is desperately trying to get in. The Master explains that the Rovers may be a little strange at times but deep down they're all "Good good dogs".

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