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One of the reasons "Road Rovers" is such a great show is because it has a talented set of performers that have been pumping out high quality material for years. With a wide range of voices that make every character come to life. From the main characters to those who may only groan. Because of this great cast everything that happens on the show is believable. That is why this page is here. To give the cast credit for their work throughout the film industry. Most of this information came from the Voice Actor Page and the Internet Movie Database.


Jeff Bennett (Blitz, Digit, Hawkins and Swiss President):
I don't have a lot on Jeff's background other than he was nominated for a "Annie Award" in 1997 for playing "Johnny Barvo" in "Johnny Bravo" in the series for "Best Individual Achievement: Voice Acting by a Male Performer in a TV Production". He was also a "Production Sound Mixer" in "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss" He's been in a lot of things:
Arthur Pendragon ("Gargoyles")
Axe ("Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas")
Baloney ("Animaniacs" - "Baloney and Friends")
Blitz ("Road Rovers")
Brooklyn ("Gargoyles")
Camembert ("Biker Mice From Mars")
Candlejack ("Freakazoid")
Captain Mel ("Animaniacs" - "H.M.S. Yakko")
Cave Guy ("Freakazoid")
Charlton ("Animaniacs" - "Hollywoodchuck")
Deter's Dad ("Dexter's Laboratory")
Digit ("Road Rovers" - "Gold and Retrievers")
Dr. Jeckyl ("Animaniacs")
Duke L'Orange ("Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series")
Ernest Hemingway ("Animaniacs" - "Papers for Papa")
Flaxseed ("Animaniacs" - "The Big Candy Store")
Hardac ("Batman: The Animated Series")
Hawkins ("Road Rovers" - "Hunter's Heroes")
I.Q. ("James Bond Jr.")
Jitters ("Bonkers")
Johnny Bravo ("Johnny Bravo")
Judge ("Animaniacs")
Kale Mumphausen ("Pinky and the Brain" - "Brain Storm")
Kevin Costner ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Lord Bravery ("Freakazoid")
Lord Maldon ("Prince Valiant")
Mace ("Biker Mice From Mars")
Maxwell Madison ("Phantom 2040: The Ghost Who Walks")
Mel Gibson ("Animaniacs" - "Jokeahontas")
Mitch ("Animaniacs")
Mr. Crazy Person ("Animaniacs")
Nicknack ("James Bond Jr.")
Orbitron ("Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys")
Owen ("Gargoyles")
Ozzy ("The Land Before Time 2")
Peter Puppy ("Earthworm Jim")
Petrie ("The Land Before Time 2-4")
Roderick ("Bonkers")
Sam Bass ("Legend of Calamity Jane")
Scumlord ("James Bond Jr.")
Sherlock Holmes ("Animaniacs")
Swiss President ("Road Rovers" - "Take Me To Your Leader")
Thrash ("Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series")
Tristesse ("Animaniacs" - "Les Miseranimals")
Weed Memlo ("Animaniacs" - "Warners' 65th Anniversary Special")


Joe Campanella (Master and German Chancellor):
I don't have a lot on Joe's background other than he was born 11-21-33 in New York City. He's been in a some things:
Dr. Curt Connors ("Spiderman")
German Chancellor ("Road Rovers" - "Take Me To Your Leader")
The Master ("Road Rovers")

Jess Picture courtesy of Hank Shiffman
Jess Harnell (Hunter):
I don't have a lot on Jess background other than he's been in a lot of things:
Casper ("Casper: A Spirited Beginning")
Evil Eye Weevil ("Biker Mice From Mars")
Honka Lougie ("Biker Mice From Mars")
Hunter ("Road Rovers")
Michael Molten-Lava ("Tiny Toon Adventures" - "Spring Break Special")
Secret Squirrel ("2 Stupid Dogs")
Sewer Urchin ("The Tick")
Speak ("The Tick" - "Sidekicks Don't Kiss")
The Human Bullet ("The Tick")
Wakko Warner ("Animaniacs")
Walter Wolf ("Animaniacs")
Willy Rae Cyprus ("Pinky and the Brain" - "Bubba Bo Bob Brain")

Tress Picture courtesy of Hank Shiffman
Tress MacNeille (Colleen):
I don't have a lot on Tress' background other than she was nominated for a "Annie Award" in 1997 for playing "Debbie Douglas" in "Freakazoid" for the "Mission Impossible" episode for "Best Individual Achievement: Voice Acting by a Female Performer in a TV Production". She's been in a lot of things:
Babs Bunny ("Animaniacs" - "Noah's Lark")
Babs Bunny ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Baby ("Pinky and the Brain" - "Two Mice and a Baby")
Bernie ("Pinky and the Brain" - ("Brain's Way")
Big Sally Payson ("Rugrats" - "No Bones About It")
Calico "Callie" Briggs ("SwatKats")
Charlotte Pickles ("Rugrats")
Chip ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Colleen ("Road Rovers")
Crowd ("Rugrats" - "No Bones About It")
Debbie Douglas ("Freakazoid!")
Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs ("Swat Kats")
Dorothy ("Rugrats" - "No Bones About It")
Dot Warner ("Animaniacs")
Edith ("Animaniacs" - "89")
Emma Pendragon ("Rugrats" - "The Case of the Missing Rugrat")
Famous Ethel ("Rugrats" - "Mommy's Little Assets")
Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun ("Toonstruck")
French Poodle ("Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco")
Gadget Hackwrench - ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Gina ("Pinky & the Brain")
Hello Nurse ("Animaniacs")
Instructor ("Rugrats" - "The Big Flush")
Lady Bane ("Gummi Bears")
Lifeguard ("Rugrats" - "The Big Flush")
Margot Yale ("Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles") Marita Hippo ("Animaniacs")
Max's Mother ("Mighty Max")
Mildred ("Rugrats" - "Grandpa Moves Out")
Mindy's Mom ("Animaniacs")
Mrs. Douglas ("Freakazoid")
Mrs. Kraptchick ("Rugrats" - "Chuckie's Red Hair")
Mrs. Whitmore ("Rugrats" - "Chuckie's Red Hair")
Ms. Friend ("Rugrats" - "The Mysterious Mr. Friend")
Ms. Haze ("Rugrats" - "The Bank Trick")
Ms. Stevenson ("Superman" - "The Last Son of Krypton")
Penelope ("Carrotblanca")
Queen Merla ("Voltron" - "Lion Force Series")
Receptionist ("Rugrats" - "Grandpa Moves Out")
Sasha ("Animaniacs")
Sergeant ("Rugrats" - "The Bank Trick")
Simms ("Rugrats" - "The Bank Trick")
Agnes Skinner ("The Simpsons")
Soap Actress ("Rugrats" - "Angelica Breaks a Leg")
Spike ("Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving")
Suzie ("Full Throttle")
Trina ("Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series" - "The Return of Dr. Droid")
Vel-Dar ("Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys" - "The Maltese Monkey")
Wicked Witch of the West ("Wizard of Oz: The TV Series")


Kevin Richardson (Confuseus and Exile):
I really don't have a lot on Kevin's background:
Boar Boss ("T'ai Fu" - Playstation game)
Confuseus ("Road Rovers" - "A Hair From The Dog That Bit You")
Crusher Python ("T'ai Fu" - Playstation game)
Exile ("Road Rovers")
Various Characters ("Book of Virtues")

FrankPicture courtesy of Bryon Walls
Frank Welker (Shag, Muzzle, Flea and President of the United States):
I don't have a lot on Frank's background other than he's been in a lot of things:
Abu ("Aladdin")
Apax ("Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys" - "Gormongus")
Asriel ("Smurfs")
Bandit ("Jonny Quest: The REAL Adventures")
Barney ("I Yabba-Dabba Do!")
Bigtime Beagle ("Duck Tales")
Bo Sheep ("Garfield and Friends")
Booker Chick ("Garfield and Friends")
Brain ("Inspector Gadget")
Broderick ("Bonkers")
Bronx ("Gargoyles")
Buttons ("Animaniacs")
Calamity Coyote ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Captain Ahab ("Animaniacs" - "Moby or Not Moby")
Catgut ("Pound Puppies")
Chameleon ("Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series")
Chewcudda ("Tiny Toon Adventures" - "A Quack in the Quarks")
Chicken Boo ("Animaniacs")
Dr. Claw ("Inspector Gadget")
Dr. Jerimiah Surd ("Jonny Quest: The REAL Adventures")
Dr. Viper ("SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron")
Farley Wink ("Cats Don't Dance")
Flash Thompson ("Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends")
Flavio ("Animaniacs")
Flea ("Road Rovers" - "Still A Few Bugs In The System")
Flit ("Pocahontas")
Foamy the Freakadog ("Freakazoid!")
Footstool ("Beauty and the Beast")
Fred ("Scooby Doo")
Frenzy ("The Transformers")
Furrball ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Galvatron ("The Transformers")
Godzilla ("Godzilla: The Movie")
Gogo Dodo ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Hector ("Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries")
Isis ("Batman the Animated Series" - "The Cat and The claw parts I-II)"
Joanna ("Rescuers Down Under")
Joe Presto ("Legend of Calamity Jane")
Junkion ("The Transformers: The Movie")
Kermit ("Muppet Babies")
Little Beeper ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
MAD Cat ("Inspector Gadget")
Marvin ("SuperFriends")
Maurice ("Pinky and the Brain")
Megatron ("The Transformers")
Mixmaster ("The Transformers")
Municipal Bond ("Animaniacs" - "From Burbank With Love")
Mussels Marinara ("Fish Police")
Muzzle ("Road Rovers")
Phillippe ("Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas")
President of the United States ("Road Rovers" - "Gold and Retrievers")
Ralph ("Animaniacs")
Ran Stantz ("Extreme Ghostbusters" - "Back In The Saddle")
Rumble ("The Transformers")
Runt ("Animaniacs")
Santa's Little Helper ("The Simpsons")
Santa Claus ("Wish for Wings That Work")
Shag ("Road Rovers")
Sheldon Chick ("Garfield and Friends")
Skeeter ("Muppet Babies")
Skywarp ("The Transformers")
Slimer ("The Real Ghostbusters")
Sludge ("The Transformers")
Soundwave ("The Transformers: The Movie")
Suchi ("Captain Planet")
Thaddeus Plotz ("Animaniacs")
Toots ("Bonkers")
Torch ("G.I. Joe")
Tripod ("Waynehead")
Velociraptor ("Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving")
Volcanus ("SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron" - "Volcanus Erupts!")
Walter Wolf ("Animaniacs")
Wheelie ("The Transformers: The Movie")
Wonder Dog ("SuperFriends")

Jim Cummings (General Parvo):

I don't have a lot on Rob's background other than he's been in a lot of things:
Barry ("The Tick" - "The Tick vs. The Tick")
Bob ("Earthworm Jim")
Bonkers ("Bonkers")
Buddy ("Animaniacs")
Buddy Boar ("Taz-Mania")
Bushwacker Bob ("Taz-Mania")
C. Everett Koop ("King of the Hill" - "Hank's Unmentionable Problem")
Camenbert ("Animaniacs" - "Les Miseranimals")
Daniel Boone ("Animaniacs")
Darkwing Duck ("Darkwing Duck")
Detective Lucky Piquel ("Bonkers")
Dingo ("Gargoyles")
Don Karnage ("Tale Spin")
Dr. Robotnik ("Sonic the Hedgehog")
Drake Mallard ("Darkwing Duck")
E.L.F ("Iron Man")
Ed ("The Lion King")
Fat Cat ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
General Parvo ("Road Rovers")
Gillecomgain ("Gargoyles")
Happy Bob ("Animaniacs")
Herb Muddlefoot ("Darkwing Duck")
Kaa ("Jungle Cubs")
Melvyn the Monster ("Tiny Toon Adventures" - "Hare Raising Night")
Modok ("Iron Man")
Monterey Jack ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Morbulus ("Swat Kats" - "The Giant Bacteria")
Morocco Mole ("2 Stupid Dogs")
Mr. Mental ("The Tick" - "The Tick vs. Mr. Mental")
Multiple Santa ("The Tick" - "The Tick Loves Santa!")
Negaduck ("Darkwing Duck")
Otto ("Animaniacs")
Pete ("Goof Troop")
President Clinton ("Iron Man")
Professor Nimnul ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Psy-Crow ("Earthworm Jim")
Razoul ("Aladdin")
Shocker ("Spiderman")
Spinelli ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Stan Blather ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Steele ("Balto")
Taz ("Taz-Mania")
Thrakkorzog ("The Tick" - "The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold")
Tigger ("The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh")
Tweedledum ("Animaniacs" - "Mindy in Wonderland")
Tyger ("Batman: The Animated Series" - "Tyger Tyger")
Wart ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers")
Wendel T. Wolf ("Taz-Mania")
Winnie the Pooh ("The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh")
Zummi ("Gummi Bears")

Rob Picture courtesy of Hank Shiffman
Rob Paulsen (Wolf King, Katzenstoki Ambassador and Gas Station Attendant):
I don't have a lot on Rob's background other than he was born on 03-11-56. He has been nominated for several awards like for a "Annie Award" in 1997 for playing "Pinky" in "Pinky and the Brain" for "Best Individual Achievement: Voice Acting by a Male Performer in a TV Production" But won the same award in 1996 for the same show and character. He's been in a lot of things:
Antoine ("Sonic the Hedgehog")
Arnold ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Arthur ("The Tick After 1st Season")
Axl Gator ("Taz-Mania")
Beaver ("Tiny Toon Adventures" - "Spring Break Special")
Borg ("Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series Dungeons and Ducks")
Brainchild ("The Tick" - "The Tick vs. Brainchild")
Concord Condor ("Tiny Toon Adventure")
Crusading Chameleon ("The Tick")
Daniel Platypus ("Taz-Mania")
Darby ("Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers" - "The Last Lepracaun")
David Letterman ("Tiny Toon Adventures How I Spent My Summer Vacation")
Didgeri Dingo ("Taz-Mania")
Dr. Scratchansniff ("Animaniacs")
Fowlmouth ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Francis X. Bushlad ("Taz-Mania")
Frank ("Tiny Toon Adventures" - "Quack in the Quarks")
Gas Station Attendant ("Road Rovers" - "A Day In The Life")
Gladstone Goose ("Duck Tales")
Gusto Gummi ("Gummi Bears")
Hadji ("Jonny Quest: The REAL Adventures")
HardDrive ("SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron")
Hathi ("Jungle Cubs")
Helios ("Gargoyles" - "New Olympians")
Hydro-Man ("Spiderman")
Katzenstoki Ambassador ("Road Rovers" - "Where Rovers Dare")
Major Glory ("Dexter's Laboratory")
Mighty Max ("Mighty Max")
Ogden ("Channel Umptee-3")
Pinky ("Animaniacs")
Pinky ("Pinky and the Brain")
PJ ("A Goofy Movie")
Proto Man ("Mega Man")
Raphael ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles")
Spike ("Land Before Time 3: The Time of the Great Giving")
Steelbeak ("Darkwing Duck")
Strut ("The Land Before Time 2")
The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight ("The Tick" - "The Tick vs. The Tick")
The Mask ("The Mask")
The Terror ("The Tick" - "The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account")
Throttle ("Biker Mice From Mars")
Tripwire ("G.I. Joe")
Wolf King ("Road Rovers" - "A Hair of the Dog that Bit You")
Wonder ("Tiny Toon Adventures")
Yakko Warner ("Animaniacs")
Zack ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles")

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