A big messFan Road Rover Mission Control:

"Road Rovers" has spread to all four corners of the world (That is a feat in itself since the world is round) In order for this to happen they needed to translate the show into different languages. To date "Road Rovers" is only available in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese (to my knowledge) But who knows what other languages the show will eventually be transcribed into. Below are some of the translations from the show between the various languages.

Special thanks goes to Dan Morales for providing Spanish translations. Also to Andreas Mueller for providing German translations. And to Bruno Abud for providing Portuguese translations.

Caes - It means Dogs in Portuguese
Canino Mutantes - Cano Mutants in Spanish
Canino Sapiens - Cano Sapiens in Spanish
Caofucio - Confuseus in Portuguese
Duesenflughund - Turbojet air dog in German (Sky Rover) Air Dog is a species of bats is called Fliegender Hund in German (Flying Dog)
Emma - ??? (What Groomer is called in the German Version)
Exilio - ??? (What Exile is called in Spanish)
Haniball - ??? (What Muzzle is called in the German Version)
Hund - Dog in German
Helikopter - Helicopter in German
Hundemutanten - Dog Mutants in German (What Cano Mutants are called - Canine doesn't exist in German)
Hundschrauber - Dog copter in German (Cloud Rover)
Musculo - It means Muscle, Muza is the translation for Muzzle. (What Muzzle is called in the Spanish Version)
O Mestre - It means The Master in Portuguese
Os Super Caes - It means The Super Dogs (Road Rovers) in Portuguese
Panzerabwehrrakete - Bazooka in German
Pulga - Flea in Spanish
Tell - Name of the famous William Tell from Switzerland (What Shag is called in the German version)
Turbowindhund - Turbo Greyhound in German (Street Rover)
Turboseehund - Turbo Seal in German (Turbo Rover)
Ultraschallflughund - Ultra sonic air dog in German (Sonic Rover)
Wanja - Russian name for a dog (What Exile is called in the German Version)

Episode Titles:
Originally: "Let's Hit The Road"
In German"Auf sie mit Gebell"
Translation: "Up and at they with barking"
In Portuguese: "Pondo o Pe' na Estrada"
Translation: "Hitting the road"
In Spanish: "Manos A La Obra"
Translation: "Let's Get Going"

Originally: "Storm From The Pacific"
In German "Der Laser Satellit"
Translation: "The laser Satellite"
In Portuguese: "Tempestade Do Pacifico"
Translation: "Storm From The Pacific"
In Spanish: "Tormenta en el Pacifico"
Translation: "Strom From the Pacific"

Originally: "A Hair From the Dog that Bit you"
In German: "Der Fluch des Wehrwolfs"
Translation: "The Curse of the Werewolf"
In Portuguese: "O Pelo Do Cachorro Que Te Mordeu"
Translation: "A Hair From the Dog that Bit you"

Originally: "Where Rovers Dare"
In German: "Die mit den Woelfen heulen"
Translation: "Whose are howling with the wolfs"
In Portuguese: "Uma Expedicao Audaciosa"
Translation: "An Audacious Expedition"

Originally: "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
In German: "Der Herr der Dinosaurier"
Translation: "The Master of the Dinosaurs"
In Portuguese: "Nao Mexam com Cachorros que Dormem"
Translation: "Don't Bother the Sleeping Dogs"
In Spanish: "Los Dinosarios Durmientes"
Translation: "The Sleeping Dinosaurs"

Originally: "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
In German: "Der Hund der zuviel wusste"
Translation: "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
In Portuguese: "O Cachorro que Sabia Demais"
Translation: "The Dog That Knew Too Much"

Originally: "Hunter's Heroes"
In German: "Ein Kaefig voller Hunde"
Translation: "A cage full of dogs"
Note: "Ein Kaefig voller Helden{heroes}" is the German for "Hogan's Heroes"
In Portuguese: "Os Herois de Hunter"
Translation: "Hunter's Heroes"
In Spanish: "Los Heroes de Hunter"
Translation: "Hunter's Heroes"

Originally: "A Few Bugs In The System"
In German: "Angriff der Monsterinsekten"
Translation: "Attack of the Monster Insects"
In Portuguese: "Pequenos Erros no Sistema"
Translation: "A Few Bugs in the System"

Originally: "Dawn of the Groomer"
In German: "Aegypten ruft!"
Translation: "Egypt is Calling!"
In Portuguese: "A Rebeliao de Groomer"
Translation: "Groomer's Rebellion"

Originally: "Reigning Cats and Dogs"
In German: "Wie alles begann"
Translation: "How it begun"

Originally: "Gold and Retrievers"
In German: "Die Pyramide der Hoffnung"
Translation: "The Pyramid of Hope"

Originally: "Take Me to Your Leader"
In German: "Unheimliche Begegnung der ueblen Art"
Translation: "Close Encounters Of The Bad Kind"

Originally: "A Day in the Life"
In Portuguese: "Um Dia na Vida de um Super Cao"
Translation: "A Day in a Super Dog life"
In German: "Ein Tag wie jeder andere"
Translation: "A day like everyday"

Originally: "To the power of the pack!"
In German: "Lang lebe die Meute!"
Translation: "Long live the pack!"
In Spanish "Por el poder del equipo!"
Translation: "To the power of the team!"
In Portuguese: "Ao Poder Do Bando"
Translation: "To the power of the pack!"

Originally: "Let's hit the road Rovers!"
In German: "Auf sie mit Gebell Freunde!"
Translation: "Up and at them with barking, friends!"
In German: "Auf in den Kampf Freunde!"
Translation: "Let's go into the fight friends!"
In Spanish: "A la carga Rovers!"
Translation: "Let's charge, Rovers!"
In Portuguese: "Vamos por o pe' na estrada, caes!"
Translation: "Let's Hit The Road, The Super Dogs!"

Originally: "Yet another unexpected twist - Bummer!"
In German: "Und wieder eine unerwartete Wendung - Pech fuer uns!"
Translation: "Yet another unexpected change - that's bad luck for us!"
In Portuguese: "Mais Uma Reviravolta Inesperada - Que Droga"
Translation: "Yet another unexpected twist - Bummer!"

Originally: "Don't be weird boy!"
In Spanish: "No te hagas el gracioso!"
Translation: "Don't act like a funny boy!"
In German: "Erst gucken, dann beissen!"
Translation: "First looking, then biting!"
In Portuguese: "Deixa De Der Esquisito!"
Translation: "Don't be weird boy!"

Originally: "I would not have predicted this."
In German: "Ha! Damit haette ich niemals gerechnet."
Translation: "Oh! I would not/never have predicted this."
In Portuguese: "Eu nao tinha previsto isso"
Translation: "I would not have predicted this."

Originally: "Fluffypants!"
In German: "Dumpfklaeffer!"
Translation: "Dumb Yelper!"

Originally: "I love being a Road Rover!"
In Portuguese: "Eu adoro ser um super cao!"
Translation: "I love being a super dog!"

Originally: "Mr. Chubby-Cheeks"
In Portuguese: "Senhor Bochechudo"
Translation: "Mr. Chub-faced"

Originally: "Let's the tooshie biting begin!"
In Portuguese: "E' hora de comecar a morder traseirinhos!"
Translation: "Time to begin biting little butts!"

Shag cooking - German:
Hunter: "Hey riecht das wieder appetitlich, wie kriegst du so ein Aroma 'rein?"
Tell: "Wuffwuffwuff..."
Hunter: "Hmm, wirklich? Was du nicht sagst, ha!"
Hunter: "Hey, that smells absolutely delicious, how do you get such a flavor in?"
Shag: "Ruffruffruff..."
Hunter: "Hmm, you don't say, ha!"

Blitz begging for mercy - German:
Blitz: "Ich bin doch gar kein Road Rover - das Kostuem trage ich nur fuer'n Maskenball. Ich kann Hunde nicht ausstehen, Igitt, Baehhh, ehrlich. Huuuhhuhhuh, ich bin nur ein armer unschuldiger Schosshund."
Blitz: "I'm not a Road Rover - I just wearing this costume for the costume party. I cannot bear dogs. Buhh, pew, really! Huuuuhuhuh, I'm only a poor innocent lap dog."

Blitz being named Fluffy Pants - German:
Colleen: "Ich bin Colleen. Kennen wir uns?"
Blitz: "Aber natuerlich kennst du mich. Ich bin Blitz!"
Colleen: "Blitz, Blitz, nein. Nein ich komme nicht drauf. Ich weiss! Ich gebe dir jetzt einen neuen Namen. Und zwar einen der besser zu deiner Personlichkeit passt. Ja ! Von heute an nennen wir dich einfach Klaeffermann."
Blitz: "Nein danke!"
Colleen: "Vollstaendig: Zampano Klaeffermann. Oder abgekuertzt: Klaeffy."
Colleen: "I'm Colleen. Do we know?"
Blitz: "Of course you know me. I'm Blitz!"
Colleen: "Blitz, Blitz, no. No I have no idea. I know! I now giving you a new name. And a one that better suit to your personality. Yes! From today we just call you Mister Yelper/Yapper"
Blitz: "No thanks!"
Colleen: "Completely: Zampano Yelper. Or short: Yelpey."

Blitz being named Fluffy Pants - Spanish:
Blitz: "Y bien, cuándo me toca manejar los controles?"
Colleen: "Oh, lo siento. No había notado que estabas ahí. Soy Colleen. Nos presentamos?"
Blitz: "Por supuesto. Me conoces. Soy Blitz."
Colleen: "Blitz... Blitz... No, ese nombre no te suena. Ah, ya sé! Te pondré un nombre nuevo. Algo que vaya con tu carismática personalidad. Sí. De ahora en adelante te llamarás el señor Flojo Flojín."
Blitz: "Mejor no."
Colleen: "Señor pretencioso Flojo Flojín o Flojín, más corto."
Blitz: "Deja de llamarme así o te morderé!"
Colleen: "Ah, sí?! Con esas dentaduras, Flojín?!"
Blitz: "So, when will I get to drive the controls?"
Colleen: "Oh, sorry. I didn't notice you were there. I'm Colleen. Have we met?"
Blitz: "Of course. You know me. I'm Blitz."
Colleen: "Blitz... Blitz... No, that name doesn't sound like you. Ah, I know! I'll give you a new name. Something that will go with you carismatic personality. Yes. From now on you'll be called mister Lazy Weakling."
Blitz: "Better not."
Colleen: "Mister pretentious Lazy Weakling or Weakling for short."
Blitz: "Stop calling me that or I'll bite you!"
Colleen: "Oh, yeah?! With those dentures, Weakling?!"

Hunter firing the Bazooka - German:
Hunter: "Seht ihr das ist der Grund warum Hunde normalerweise keinen Waffenschein kriegen."
Hunter: "You see, this is the reason why dogs normally don't get a gun license."

Colleen and her Ay! Ay! Ay!:
Colleen: "Bei Fuss! Platz! Sitz! Apportieren! Auf den Ruecken! Steh auf! Mach schoen ayayayayay!"
Hunter: "Hast du das Ayayayayay aus der Karatesprache?"
Colleen: "Nein. Aus den Sushiladen."
Colleen: "To heel! Down! Sit! Retrieve! On your back! Get up! Do a nice ayayayayay!"
Hunter: "Have you take the Ayayayayay from the Carats Language?"
Colleen: "No. From the Sushi store."

Parvo's speech on dogs - German:
Master: "Ich weiss das du es warst. Ich weiss das du diese Kreaturen geschaffen hast. Ich weiss es genau Parwo."
Parwo: "Ich liebe Hunde. Ich liebe ihr Wesen, ihre Kraft, ihre Treue. Die Treue der Hunde. Wer die Hunde beherrscht, der wird die Welt beherrschen."
Emma: "Fertig General Parwo."
Parwo: "Gut."
Master: "I know you did it. I know you have created these creatures. I really know it Parwo."
Parwo: "I love dogs. I love their nature, their power, their loyalty. The loyalty of the dogs. Whos controlling the dogs, who will rule over the world."
Groomer: "Ready, General."
Parwo: "Good."

Exile wanting to fly faster - German:
Wanja: "Awwr, flieg schneller Hunter, flieg wie ein -flieg wie ein- wie ein total schnelles Ding das total schnell fliegen kann."
Hunter: "Wow Wanja du kannst dich echt gut ausdruecken."
Wanja: "Danke, Gottesgabe."
Exile: "Awwr, fly faster Hunter, fly like a -fly like a- a really fast thing that flies really fast!"
Hunter: "Wow Exile you can put it in words really good."
Exile: "Thanks. It`s a gift of god."
In Spanish:
Exilio: "Vuela rapido, Hunter! Vuela como- vuela como una- como una cosa muy veloz que vuela MUY RAPIDO!"
Hunter- "Wow, Exilio! Si que eres habil para hablar!"
Exilio- "Gracias. Es un don."
Exile: "Fly fast, Hunter! Fly like- fly like a- like a very fast thing that flies VERY FAST!"
Hunter: "Wow, Exile! You have a way with words!"
Exile- "Thanks. It's a gift."

Colleen talking about news being ripped out of the headlines - German:
Colleen: "Wie sagt man? Wenn der Hund lacht weint der Hase."
Colleen: "How does one say? If the dog laughs, the hare weeps."

Blitz's Tooshie Bitting Bouquet - German:
Hunter: "Beiss zu Blitz!"
Blitz: "Ich wuerde ja wirklich gerne, aber ich bin heute ein bischen verschnupft. -Meine neue Beissfernbedienung - fuer den kleinen Beisshunger zwischendurch."
Hunter: "Bite Blitz!"
Blitz: "I really would, but I'm a little snuffy today. -My new biting remote control- for the little biting hunger (on the way)."

The Tanks/Your Welcome scene - German:
Hunter: "Halber oder ganzer Hundekuchen?"
Blitz: "Panzer!"
Hunter: "Hier ist ein Ganzer."
Blitz: "Nein Panzer!"
Hunter: "Was willst du, ist doch ein Ganzer, jetzt nimm schon!"
Blitz: "PANZER!!"
Hunter: "Sag ich doch!"
Hunter: "Was ist nun, nimmst du ihn nun oder nicht?"
Blitz: "PANZER!!"
Hunter: "Ja, ein Ganzer."
Blitz: "NEIN PANZER!!!"
Hunter: "DU nervst mich allmaehlich!!"
Hunter: A whole or a half dog biscuit?
Blitz: "Tanks!"
Hunter: "Here is a whole one."
Blitz: "No Tanks!"
Hunter: "What's wrong, it is a whole one, just take it!"
Blitz: "TANKS!!"
Hunter: "Said it already!"
Blitz: "NO TANKS!"
Hunter: "What's up, do you take it or not?"
Blitz: "TANKS!!"
Hunter: "Yes, a whole one."
Blitz: "NO TANKS!!!"
Hunter: "You start to annoying me!!"
NOTE: Dog biscuit (Hundekuchen in German) literally means Dog cake

It's Turn, turn, turn - German:
Wanja: "Los bieg ab, da sind Panzer - 1...2...3!!"
Hunter: "Klar, den Film hab ich auch gesehen Wanja! Ich hab' mich kaputtgelacht!"
Colleen: "Bieg ab!!!"
Hunter: "Also das hoerte sich eher nach einem Zombiefilm an."
Exile: "Turn, there are tanks - 1...2...3!!"
Hunter: "Of course Exile, I watched that film too. I killed myself laughing (burt a gut laughing)"
Colleen: "Turn!!"
Hunter: "But that sounded more like a zombie movie."
NOTE: 1...2...3 is a funny German movie (B/W), made in 1961 about a the special relationships between Russian, American and German peoples in Berlin at that time.

The Lawnchair bit - German:
Colleen: "Tell, gib die Bazooka 'rueber!"
(Shag pulls out a chair)
Colleen: "Nicht Besucherstuhl - die Bazooka, du weisst schon!"
(Shag pulls out a small case)
Colleen: "Nicht dein Badezeug - DIE BAZOOKA!!!"
Colleen: "Shag, give the Bazooka."
(Shag pulls out a chair)
Colleen: "Not Chair for visitors - the Bazooka, you know what I mean!"
(Shag pulls out a small case)
Colleen: "Not your swimming/bathing things - THE BAZOOKA!!!"

The Driving bit - German:
Hunter: "Lass mich fahren Colleen!"
Colleen: "Ach halt die Luft an Hunter, ich bin dran dass weisst du!"
Hunter: "Vorsicht!"
Hunter: "Das war echt knapp."
Colleen: "So knapp nun auch wieder nicht."
Hunter: "Es war knapp!"
Colleen: "Ach nerv nicht 'rum. Was suchst du, einen Stadtplan?"
Hunter: "Nein meine Lebensversicherung."
Hunter: "Let me drive Colleen!"
Colleen: "Calm down Hunter. You know it's my turn!"
Hunter: "Look out!"
Hunter: "That was close."
Colleen: "Not that close."
Hunter: "It was close!"
Colleen: "Gee, don't get on my nerves. What are you looking for, a city map?"
Hunter: "No, my life insurance."

The I Remember/I Forget bit - German:
Blitz: "Ach du mein dicker Vater."
Colleen: "Ich bin nicht dein dicker Vater."
Blitz: "Ach so. Du -du hast mit mir gesprochen!"
Colleen: "'ntschuldigung, ich bin voellig verwirrt. Du bist..."
Blitz: "Oh my thick father. (German phrase)"
Colleen: "I'm not your thick father."
Blitz: "I see. You -you spoke to me!"
Colleen: "Sorry, I'm really confused. You are...?"

The Landing bit - German:
Hunter: "Wir werden jetzt landen."
Blitz: "Aber da ist keine Landebahn!"
Hunter: "Maekel Maekel!"
Hunter: "We'll land now."
Blitz: "But there is no runway!"
Hunter: "Grumbel, Grumbel!"

The Dog License bit - German:
Colleen: "Du hast deinen Pilotenschein wohl im Lotto gewonnen?"
Hunter: "Ich habe keinen Pilotenschein und ich spiele niemals Lotto."
Colleen: "Ha Ha Ha. Na so ein kleiner Komiker!"
Colleen: "Have you won your pilot licence in the lottery?"
Hunter: "I don't have a pilot licence and I never play in the lottery."
Colleen: "He he he. There's a little comedian!"

The Piscataway bit - German:
Colleen: "Oh Man, ist ja total tote Hose."
Hunter: "Tja, aber ein paar Leute muessen hier wohnen."
Colleen: "Oh ja, offenbar wohnen hier tatsaechlich Leute."
Hunter: "Ja, da drueben waren Mietskasernen."
Colleen: "Oh wirklich witzig!!"
Colleen: "Oh man, it's totally boring here!"
Hunter: "Well, but there must be some people living here."
Colleen: "Oh yeah, obviously there are people whose living here."
Hunter: "Yes, there were tenement houses over there."
Colleen: "Oh really funny!"

The Shag Suning Himself bit - German:
Hunter: "Das kommt mir reichlich spanisch vor."
Colleen: "Du meinst die Piranamutanten?"
Hunter: "Ich dachte ehrlich geagt mehr an Tell."
Hunter: "That's very strange (literal: Spanish - German phrase)"
Colleen: "You mean the Pirahna mutants?"
Hunter: "Actually I was thinking about Shag."

The Naughty bit - German:
Blitz: "Hoppla, jetzt war ich ungezogen."
Blitz: "Oops, I've been naughty."

The Gregory Hines bit - German:
Colleen: "Was man in einem Sushiimbiss nicht alles lernt."
Colleen: "You can learn a lot in a Sushi snack bar."

The Dog-Man bit - German:
Blitz: "Aber ich bin doch kein Ungeheuer."
Haeuptling: "Bist du ein uniformierter Hundemensch der spricht?"
Blitz: "Ja. Haeuptling: Na bitte."
Blitz: "But I'm not a monster."
Chief: "Are you a uniformed dog in human form who talk?"
Blitz: "Yes."
Chief: "You see."

The You are the Weird Boy bit - German:
Luka: "Du bist der Spinner!"
Blitz: "Hey!"
Wanja: "Haha Luka, deine Vision entspricht voll der Wahrheit!"
Luka: "You are the goofball!"
Blitz: "Hey!"
Exile: "Hehe Luka your vision is absolutely true!"

The Lets muzzle 'em! bit - German:
Wanja: "Die Zeit ist reif!"
Blitz: "Du sagst es."
Beide: "Ein Fall fuer Hannibal!"
Exile: "The time has come!"
Blitz: "You said it."
Both: "A case for Muzzle!"

The Wishy Poo bit - German
Pyramide der Hoffnung: "Ein Wunsch gewaehrt dir ist wenn du reinen Herzens bist."
Pyramid of Hope: "A wish is granted to you, if your heart is true."

The Lunchtime bit - German
Tell: "Essenszeit!"
Shag: "Time to have a meal!"

The Colleen Interview bit - German
Colleen: "Tja da gibt es nicht viel zu erzaehlen - ich bin Colleen. Hallo! Bei meiner Geburt war ich ziemlich klein. Dann ging ich zur Hundeschule und fiel beim Haeufchenentfernen durch, also passen sie auf wo sie hintreten. Zu meinen Hobbies gehoeren Postboten beissen, herumkauen auf Pantoffeln und das Verschlingen von fettem Fleisch -lecker!"
Colleen: "Well, there isn't much to tell - I am Colleen. Hello! When I was born I was pretty small. Then I went to obedience school and flunked on removing muck, so watch your step. My hobbies include biting the postman, chewing on slippers and swallow of fatty meat - tasty!"

The Puffy Lips bit - German
Blitz: "Morgen meine Allerschoenste!"
Colleen: "Oh Morgen und willkommen bei den Road Rovers. Du musst eines von unseren neuen Mitgliedern sein. Freut mich dich an Bord zu haben."
Blitz: "Nein du kennst mich, ich bin Blitz!"
Colleen: "Nein, nein, nein! Wir geben allen unseren Neu- zugaengen Spitznamen, komische Spitznamen ueber die man lachen kann. Mal sehen. Wie koennten wir dich denn nennen? Oh! Sehr gut! Der passt ja. Wir nennen dich Doverman."
Blitz: "Was?"
Colleen: "Von sofort an lautet dein Spitzname Doby Dovermann."
Blitz: "Hoer auf ich mag das nicht."
Colleen: "Abgekuerzt einfach nur Doby Doof."
Blitz: "Es reicht, jetzt hab ich genug von deinen Spielchen. *Auf zum froehlichen Beissen! *"
(Blitz tried to attack Colleen but she kicks him into a wall)
Colleen: "Nichts fuer ungut, offenbar ist der Name Dovermann schon vergeben. Was haelst du davon wenn wir dich, aehhh, Doby Dicklippe nennen?"
Blitz: "Ja ich bin einverstanden."
Blitz: "Morning my beauty!"
Colleen: "Oh, morning and welcome to the Road Rovers. You must be one of our new members. Glad to have you aboard."
Blitz: "No, you know me. I'm Blitz!"
Colleen: "No, no, no! We give all of our newcomers nicknames, funny nicknames one can laugh about it. Lets's see. How could we call you? Oh very good, that's it. We call you Doverman."
Blitz: "What?"
Colleen: "From now on your nickname is Doby Doverman."
Blitz: "Stop that, I don't like it."
Colleen: "Doby Dumb for short."
Blitz: "OK stop it, it's enough with your little games. *Let the biting begin!!*"
(Blitz tried to attack Colleen but she kicks him into a wall)
Colleen: No offense! Apparently the name Dovermann is taken already. What du you think if we call you errmm, Doby Puffylip?"
Blitz: "Yes, I agree."

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