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Just like most Dogs, the Road Rovers are not the type to keep quiet. If they have an opinion, a joke or quip they will say it. That is why I have lots of material here. Special thanks goes to Dan Morales for providing the Spanish version of the files and translations. Also to Andreas Mueller for providing the German version of the files and translations.

Colleen rates one of Hunter's landings
Hunter wanting to make a quick exit
Blitz proving to us why he is "One Strange Funky Dog"
The Master praises the Rovers... Sort of
Blitz only has one thing on his mind
Colleen becoming an environmentalist
Hovac tries to revive an old musical
The Master introduces a new brand
"Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"
They are actually quite good
Exile comes up with a new holiday
Exile gives an American saying
Awwr, flieg schneller Hunter, flieg wie ein - flieg wie ein - wie ein total schnelles Ding das total schnell fliegen kann.
Hunter admires a fellow member of the animal kingdom
Blitz makes an obvious confession
Bei Fuss! Platz! Sitz! Apportieren! Auf den Ruecken! Steh auf! Mach schoen! Ayayayayay!
Blitz steps right into it again
When you're a Road Rover it is so easy to forget
Blitz proves just how much of a "Weird Boy" he is
Colleen still can't get it right
Exile makes Colleen's day
Blitz actually volunteers for something
Shag and Exile look at something dirty
Colleen admires Hunter
Exile murders yet another saying
Anyone know what Exile is saying here?
It is all a matter of perspective
Blitz bragging (again)
Blitz acts a scene out from Baywatch Nights
Hunter does an impersonation
Colleen plugs a Steven Spielberg film
The boys reflect the good old days
Exile being bi-lingual
Colleen comes up with the numbers
Parvo asking Groomer to make is day
Blitz and Exile prove they are really just kids
Colleen prods Exile on health issues
Donde encontraste esto Hunter?
The Master stating the facts
Exile with his trademark line
Hunter has a boyfriend
Sport making a keen observation
One bad thing about women's lib
The Master giving Parvo what he deserves
If only I had a penny for every time Blitz said something like this
Colleen demonstrating that she isn't so tough
Colleen cutting loose
Exile shows his softer side
The complete Russian Names song
Colleen proving that she can follow orders
Blitz prepare to sink his teeth into his job
Exile being extremely supportive
Storm making a valid comparison
The Master lays the law
Hunter getting his hopes up
Hunter learns something about Colleen
The German version of the original title tune to Road Rovers
The Rovers at their best
Shag coming up with an alternative
Ha! Damit haette ich niemals gerechnet
Hunter shows how much of a sportsdog he is
Colleen offers a bit of constructive criticism
Hunter being "Super Generous"
An old routine done much better
When is a dog like an elephant?
Blitz: Car Salesdog
Hey riecht das wieder appetitlich, wie kriegst du so ein Aroma 'rein?
Blitz and his testosterone
Colleen setting Blitz straight
Colleen doing it to it
Maldicion del Hombre Lobo
Exile is interested in Hunter's talent
Exile expresses his true feelings
Hunter greets the troops
Colleen, Hunter and Exile flash back to the 60's
Hunter freaking out Blitz
Hunter as William Shatner (Come on! Give the guy a break already!)
Hunter comes to a startling revelation
Need we say more?
It's Colleen's turn
Exile explaining what all dogs consider
Ich bin Colleen. Kennen wir uns?
Ich bin doch gar kein Road Rover - das Kostuem trage ich nur fuer'n Maskenball.
Ich weiss das du es warst. Ich weiss das du diese Kreaturen geschaffen hast. Ich weiss es genau Parwo.
Colleen reveals her deep dark fantasy
The Master states the obvious
Exile tries to broaden his horizon
Blitz reveals his inner self
Colleen warning up for when her and Hunter are married
Exile getting personal
Exile gives the Ultimate brush off
Exile finally admits it!
Colleen discusses medical care
Colleen tries to improve Blitz's image
Exile being tactful
Exile explains the anatomy of a sheep
Exile being Peter Fonda
Blitz getting all mushy again
Blitz and Exile need to lay off the booze
Exile being all homesick
Now of all times Colleen speaks up
Colleen hamming it up
Blitz getting real weird
Blitz shining through again and being a total whimp
Exile giving a product endorsement
The Master making a realization a little too late
Hunter proving you can't pull anything over on him
The President comes up with a brainstorm
The Special Event That Never Was!
Blitz confusing business with pleasure
Groomer actually is a good mother
Hey! Hunter's catch phrase is catching on!
Hunter is off the mark... Again
Hunter's secret is revealed
Exile tries to turn Road Rovers into a musical
Colleen almost gets it right
Lang lebe die Meute
Colleen learning the differences between the traffic laws of England and America
Hunter tries to come to an understanding
Some people just can't take an insult
Hunter gives his list
Hunter with a "No Pun Intended"
Go, Dogs. Go!
Muzzle! Muzzle! Muzzle!
Colleen does her math
Parvo and Groomer place their options on the table
Blitz will try anything
Hunter does his Alan Hal
Mr. Catbox
Blitz has an emergency
I think Blitz is a little tired here
Lo siento. Fue un poco rudo de mi parte. Estas bien, Blitz?
Exile explaining what being a Road Rover is really all about
Mister Nerves of Steel
Muzzle back in action
Blitz tries to be very optimistic
An in joke
Muy bien Rovers, a la carga!
Be afraid! Be very afraid!
Blitz proves that he really cares
Exile asks for permission
You just don't know who is going to show up on Road Rovers
Colleen tells it as it is
Colleen being difficult again
At the tone the time will be...
Parvo proves just how sensitive he really is
Storm springs a surprise
Colleen giving one of her many opinions
Colleen must refuse
The Master reveals one of his many secrets
A rare instance where Muzzle gets into the act
Groomer fulfilling her name
Groomer getting all weird
Blitz makes a deal with... You know who
Blitz making an observation
Hunter comments on one of the many advantages of being a Road Rover
Hunter barking orders again
Hunter gives a pop quiz
Blitz tries to cheer up a sick friend
Blitz pulls a Shag
Colleen tries to predict the actions of a government organization
Just when you thought it was safe to use the English Language again
Colleen goofs on a rim shot
If it did work with Parvo it isn't going to work with aliens
A new beginning to Road Rovers
Hunter doesn't get it right... Again!
Blitz can't say he hasn't tried
Something outside the Road Rover's Realm #1
Something outside the Road Rover's Realm #2
Something outside the Road Rover's Realm #3
Hunter contemplates Colleen's royalty
He just can't get away from that
They're on the move again
Can you feel the love?
Hunter tries to give Blitz some training
Blitz gets praise from the one he admires the most
The Rovers get to know each other better
Blitz has a unique idea
Hunter proving why he is leader
The English version of the title tune to Road Rovers
Seht ihr das ist der Grund warum Hunde normalerweise keinen Waffenschein kriegen.
Shag proving he is a walking department store
Let's see how strong Exile's kidneys are
Another one of Colleen's happy comments
Hunter just never knows when he is being insulted
A little golf humor anyone (Not!)
Blitz warning the children at home not to try this
Reality sets in for the Road Rovers
At last! Colleen says it!
Shag's little trick is revealed
The Spanish version of the original title tune to Road Rovers
Blitz and Colleen square off
Colleen sees someone off
Well. If Blitz can't have Colleen...
Hunter becomes a food critic
More name dropping
Hunter prepares for the worst
Colleen shows her mean side
Blitz makes an unknown comparison
Exile doesn't disappoint us
Hunter does his Don Adams routine
The Master tries to explain a mission
Some more Blitz bashing
Colleen being Kathy Sinatra
Hunter giving his credentials
Colleen and Exile express their love for singing theater
Groomer being a good evil side kick
Hunter states the obvious
Exile takes another "Read more about it..." break
Exile gives a Siberian saying
Shag trying to get some paper work done
Exile does what he does best
Blitz shoots himself in the foot
The Rovers are caught in an old Disney movie
Colleen becomes Julie from the Love Boat
Parvo shares with us some financial advice
Blitz can go on. Can't he?
Colleen tries out video dating
Hunter takes the Blitz way out
Colleen reveals the truth about her past
A startling realization!
The Werewolf Cure Song!
Blitz gets the answer he didn't want to hear
Where is Segorney Weaver when you need her?
Can anyone really be this dense?
An age old mystery stays a mystery
Shag's breaking point is reached
Blitz gets soaked
Colleen just won't quit
Is there anything Exile can't do?
"Pizza! Pizza!"
You just can't get some things by Hunter
Once again Hunter's catch phrase lives on
Storm's attempt to impress the Road Rovers
Blitz proves he is indeed a "Nut Boy"
Shag reveals one of his fears
Exile getting all excited
Groomer enjoying her work
Only if they made water wings for dogs
Hunter and Colleen in competition
Shag reveals another side of himself
Exile connects Shag with New York... Go figure
Blitz considers a big decision
Exile comes up with a new saying
Hunter makes a suggestion
Hunter makes an offer
Hunter is taking orders
The Master gives the Rovers a harsh warning

Here are some files Kristen Coughlan sent me:
Blitz is named 'Most likely to become a Little Rascal'
Hubert does a guest spot on Sesame Street
The Love Machine
Shag gets a side job as a telemarketer - Part 1
Shag gets a side job as a telemarketer - Part 2
Shag gets a side job as a telemarketer - Part 3
Muzzle shows his true colors
The Unlove Machine
Muzzle and Shag do standup
This end up
Shag's dream
The menu
The Master: Interior designer
He's dead, Jim
But the moon isn't full

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