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Words. Sayings. Names. Things. Cries. They are all part of the English language. But they are also an important part of Road Rovers. Listed here are a collection of different areas where the Rovers have excelled or even failed in regards to speech. You can choose from the following categories:

All Mixed Up
Nameless Rover
More Super Powers
Hi Karate

Butchery: In almost every episode Exile makes a mockery of the English language. It's not on purpose, it is just his thick accent. Here are all the words Exile has mispronounced:

From "Let's Hit The Road"
"Funski" - Should to be Fun
"Bolshoi" - As in the famous Ballet

From "Storm From The Pacific"
"Bolshevik" - As in the group of people who took over Russia in the 1917 revolt
"Helichopers" - Should to be Helicopters

From "A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You"
"Lonely" - Should to be Alone
"Funski" - Again this is should to be Fun

Form "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
"Bolshoi" - Again as in the Ballet

From "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
"Baddest Guys" - Should to be "Bad Guys"
"Bolshoi" - You know what this is

From "Hunter's Heroes"
"Bolshoi" - Again you know what this is
"Dokie Okie" - Should be Okie Dokie

From "Dawn Of The Groomer"
"Bolshoi" - And again...

From "Reigning Cats and Dogs"
"Kaputski" - Should be Kaput

From "Take Me To Your Leader"
"Greatest Lakes" - Should be Great Lakes

From "A Day In The Life"
"Timeski" - Should be time
"Goodski" - Should be good
"Doorski" - Should be door

All mixed up: In most of the episodes, Exile will say a famous saying (usually an American based one) but not exactly how it was originally meant to be said (he sometimes mixes two or more sayings together) Here is a list of all the famous sayings he has gotten wrong:

From "Let's Hit The Road"
"Yippee Keyo Keyf!" - Should to be "Yippee Kia Ay" (Any cowboys reading this please forgive my spelling)
"April day! April day! We're going down!!!" - Should to be "May day!" (You'd figure a Russian would know this one)
"Who cares? We're in deep doggy doughnuts!" - Should be "doggy Doo Doo" (is Doo Doo a swear word?)

From "Storm From The Pacific"
"I'll have Cloud Rover fixed in two shakes of a Lamb's Jiffy" - Should to be "Lamb's Tail"
"You Betchski" - Should be "You Betcha"

From "Where Rovers Dare"
"Jingle Balls. Jingle Balls. Jingle all the Balls." - Should to be Jingle Bells (Hey. I know this is a song but I threw it in here anyway!)

From "Let Sleeping Dog Lie"
"Easy as cake" - Should to "Easy as pie"
"Like taking a pie from a baby" - Should to be "candy from a baby" (which the Rovers would never do)

From "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
"What's getting my billie goat gruff" - Should be "What's getting my goat"

From "Hunter's Heroes"
"You sure pulled the woolly lambs over eyes of early worm and got bird in bush" - The horror! The horror!
"Is coast clearicel?" - Should to be "Is coast clear?"

From "Dawn Of The Groomer"
"Easy as cupcake" - Should to be "Easy as pie"
"Piece of bean" - Should to be "Piece of cake"
"Bull's Eyeball" - Should to be "Bull's Eye"
"She has lost case of baskets leaving many marbles" - Should to be "She has lost her marbles"
"The old switcherooski" - Should to be "The old switcheroo"

From "Still A Few Bugs In The System"
"Piece of beans. Can of cake." - Should be "Piece of cake" and "Can of beans"

From "From Gold and Retrievers"
"I may toss my cookies which are crumbling" - Should be "I may toss my cookies"

From "Take Me To Your Leader"
"I didn't say it was good lucky for us" - Should be "I didn't say it was good luck for us"

From "A Day In The Life"
"Thanking goodness" - Should be "Thank goodness"
"Shag, quit hog-tying up room of relief" - Should be "Shag, quit tying up room of relief."

Nameless Rover: There have been many instances where Colleen forgets Blitz's name (or at least she pretends to). Here is a list of all the names she has given him:

From "Storm From The Pacific"
"Mr. Stuffington Fluffy Pants"

From "Where Rovers Dare"

From "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
"Fluffy Pants"

From "From Gold and Retrievers"

From "A Day In The Life"
"Mr. Chubby Cheeks"
"Mr. Chester Chubby Cheeks"
"Mr. Puffylips"
"Blitz" (Yes! She really did!)

More Super Powers: Everyone who claims to be a Road Rover fan should know that Hunter's super power is his incredible speed. But he also claims to have a whole bunch more. Here are those he has mentioned:

From "Storm From The Pacific"
"Super Playful"
"Super Loyal"
"Super Trusting"
"Super Super Friendly"
"Super Forgiving"
"Super Super Lucky"

From "A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You"
"Super Patient"
"Super Generous"

Hi Karate: In almost every episode Colleen uses her superb martial art skills deal with the Baddies. But where most use battle cries like "Hiii Ya" or just plain "Ahhh", Colleen's varies from famous people to consumer products to famous songs. Here is a partial list of her battle cries as supplied by Joe Klemm:

From "Let's Hit the Road"
"Heel" - A command given to dogs
"Roll Over" - Another command given to dogs
"Play Dead" - Yet another command given to dogs
"Rin Tin Tin" - A famous dog in TV and movies

From "Storm Off the Pacific"
"Jacque Cousteau" - A famous underwater explorer
"Shamu" - The killer whale at Sea World
"Schwarkopf" - General during the Persian Gulf war

From "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
"Sharon Stone" - Star of such films as Basic Instinct and Casino
"Macarena" - Famous 90's dance that swept the nation
"Mash Potato" - A 60's dance
"Funky Chicken" - A dance from the 70's
"Boogaloo" - A type of Jazz dance
"Jerk" - Another type of dance

From "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
"Gucci" - A line of expensive clothes and stuff

From "Still A Few Bugs In The System"
"George Clooney" - Famous TV and Movie star
"Jackie Chan" - A martial arts actor who does his own stunts in the films
"Tyson" - Famous boxer (human, not dog)
"Holyfield" - Another boxer and one of the two boxers to beat Tyson (the other being "Buster" Douglas)
"Mel Gibson" - Star of such films as Lethal Weapon and Braveheart.

From "From Gold and Retrievers"
"Nelson Mandella" - President of South Africa
"Abigal Van Buren" - A newpaper advice columnist known for Dear Abby

Ooops!: Even though Rovers is made by some of the most talented people in the business, sometimes things get by quality control. Characters accidently change color, are wearing the wrong clothes, etc. Pointing out such mistakes doesn't degrade the show just but makes it human. Here is a list of some of the mistakes found in the series:

From "The Dog That Knew Too Much"
After the Rovers rescue Sport from the motorcycle gang everyone listens to him talk. In the front of the Street Rover are Colleen and Hunter while Blitz sits in the back seat. If you look at Blitz carefully you will notice he has the coloring/markings of Hunter.

From "Gold And Retreivers "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Hunter says the Amazon is the biggest river in the world. No no no, the Nile is the biggest river in the world."

From "Let's Hit The Road "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Before Blitz was chosen, when it just shows his head, while he's getting ready to beat up the burglar in the car, below his collar is the color silver, as if he has his Road Rover uniform on."

From "Storm From The Pacific "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Storm had to wait until the satellite was in place before he could blow up the US cities, but Shag was able to keep Storm busy for a while by shooting close to Storm's ship, without having to wait for the satellite to be in place."

From "Reigning Cats and Dogs "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Confused on how the Master was able to bring the Rovers back. Does HE have a time machine of his own?!"

From "Gold And Retrievers "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"How did the boy know where Blitz was standing when he said he was the weird one."

From "Storm From The Pacific "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"When Blitz threw the ball, Hunter ran to get the ball, and on the way back he somehow erased the trail of fire he left when he ran to get the ball."

From "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Did anyone notice that while Hunter is coughing in the gas cloud, he puts his hands to his hips? And then, awhile later he puts his hands out in front of him and acts surprised when the statue isn't there? Now is Hunter really that slow and simple-minded that he didn't notice the statue was gone when he could put two hands on his hips?"

From "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Anyone else wondering why the vehicle the dinosaur smashed could still work?"

From "The Dog That Knew Too Much "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"Just secs after coming out of the trans-mografier, sport seemed to pull his armor just like the way you'd pull a shirt, AND THE ARMOR WARPED ALONG WITH HIS PULLING MOVEMENTS."

From "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie "
From Varakorn Ungvichian:
"If you break open an egg before it's ready to hatch, (like Parvo did) the animal inside is not gonna be alive."

From "Where Rovers Dare "
From Dianne:
"You know the scene when Hunter and Colleen was heading for the vehicle Exile and Shag was in? If you look really closely, Hunter suddenly transforms into Colleen, and Colleen transforms into Hunter, then they transform back. It's a freaky animation mistake. You have to look really closely. Try slow mo on your vcr."

From "Where Rovers Dare "
From Sue:
"When the rebel is really jumpy and the wolves run by the building. When the Rovers run by, Blitz has a tail. He's not suppose to, he's a doberman. Just thought you might like to know. Love the sight!!!"

From "Let's Hit The Road "
From Padraig O Ruanai:
"You know how there was a hunter/blitz mixup in The Dog Who Knew Too Much? The same mistake was made in Let's Hit The Road. When they say To the Power of the Pack, just before that, it looks from behind the Rovers, and Hunter (with Blitz's ears) is standing on Colleens left side, but when it looks at them from the front, Hunter is standing on Colleen's right side and Blitz is on Colleen's left side!"

From "Take me to your leader "
From Andy:
"All the Rovers are asleep in the kennel but when Storm's ship comes down and the Rovers are all escorted out of their owners quarters!"

From "Take me to your leader "
From Cosmic Dave South:
"It was night (and the moon was in almost the EXACT same position in the sky) in Washington DC, London, Moscow, Geneva, AND Berlin. This is, needless to say, impossible! As a side note, it may actually be possible for it to be night in all of the Western European cities, a difference of a few miles is the difference between a partial and total lunar eclipse. This is, however, a minor point... Since any one of the world leaders setting off the nukes would prompt immediate retaliation from everybody ELSE, and have the same result."

From "Let's Hit The Road"
From Andy:
"The Rovers have been told that they may not all return alive. Hunter says "Errr...cheque please!" just before they all run off to the transdogmafier again. But just after Hunter says his line, there is an ugly black line that appears at the base of his muzzle."

From "Reigning Cats And Dogs"
From Gerhard Naude:
"During the Muzzle chase scene in "Reigning Cats And Dogs", before Parvo gets into the truck he has both human arms and legs. When he jumps out of the truck before the jeep smashes into it, he suddenly has a cyborg arm and leg. Either the animators made a mistake or the truck tried to assimilate Parvo."

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