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Here is the art from "Road Rovers" from fans that have been sent in over the years. Feel free to check them out. But please remember, that the items found here aren't mine. They belong to the artists who have graciously allowed me to post them here. A lot of hard work has gone into each item. Thank you.

Here is the Official "Dark Rovers" theme song by Dan Morales:
Destroyer- Well, let us introduce ourselves.
(the music starts playing- like the Road Rover title song)
Destroyer- Barkin', scratchin', frisbee catchin', evil canine pets.
Coll-Lee- Change into the canines who drive the Rovers insane.
Frozen- Eye-Tuchus-nippin', toilet sippin', soarin through the sky.
Cutter- Lickin', droolin', quick refuelin', who says dogs can't fly?
Dark Rovers- Speeding, crashing, Rover smashing, vehicles explode.
Destroyer- Alright, here we go!
Dark Rovers- Chasin', rasin' down the road, Daaaaaaark Rovers!
Destroyer- I'm Destroyer, I'm an evil hound, leader of the pack.
Coll-Lee- I'm Coll-Lee, come from London town, watch my limbs attack.
Frozen-Eye- I'm Frozen-Eye from Siberia, I'll freeze or heat you up.
Cutter- My name's Cutter, I am strong, my bite's worse than my bark.
Dark Rovers- We are nasty, we are bad, we're not just foolin' around.
Cutter- If we don't lookout we might end up in the city pound.
Dark Rovers- We fight the Rovers both day and night, for that is our main goal.
Destroyer- All together now!
Dark Rovers- Now it's time to take over the World, Daaaaaaaaaark Rovers!
(Music stops)
Destroyer- Now that we've introduced ourselves, who are you?

Here's a song by me Bart "Shag" Walls on his spin off series:
Alf-Hi we're the Street Rovers. Hit the music!
(Road Rover music starts)
Alf-Barking, scratching, frizbee cathing, ordinary pets
Duchess-We belong to normal people not like the rovers
(music stops)
Alf-C'mon put some spirit into it! And read the right lines
(music starts )
Duchess-Change into the doggies who drive souped up cars and jets!
Wishbone-Mm soup!
(music stops)
Alf-Wishbone Muzzle goes before you.
(music starts)
Muzzle-No tuchus nipping, but toilet sippin' soaring through the sky!
Wishbone-Lickin' drooling quick refuelin' and believe it cause' dogs can fly!
All-We're speedin' crashin' Parvo smashing canines on the roll!
chasin' racing down the street, Street Rovers!!
Alf-hi I'm Alf an ultra Shar-pei dog leader of my group!
Duchess-I'm Duchess an afghan you don't wanna mess with cause' or you'll go kaboom!
Muzzle-Everyone knows me because I'm Hunter's best friend!
Wishbone-I may be small but I'm real fast just try and catch me!
Alf-Shaggy is a bearded collie hungry eater too!
Shaggy-Rah rum ruh rue roo roo roo roo roo roo!!
All-We fight for right both day and night!
Wishbone-And a doggy biscuit or two!
Alf-Now it's time we hit the Streets!
All-Street Rovers!
(music stops)
Muzzle-Alf quit strangling Wishbone.
Alf-Well I'll let him go but next time don't talk about biscuits!

Here's the title song from Trey Tackett's Blue Team spin off:
(music starts)
barkin scratching tennis ball catching
really awesome pets
(huntress) this again?
change into the canines,
who drive in a souped up eagle shaped jet
(alley) this gets annoying
no tooshie nippen, they're toilet sippen and soaring through the sky
greta hates drooling, they're quick refueling, look out for that bee hive
(shadester) how much longer does this last?
licking slashing evil smashing, things that'll explode
(colley) my inventions?
ehar they come flying above the road,
Huntress is hunter's sis, leader of thsi pack
(huntress) STOP SINGING!!!!!!!
Colley is colleen's cousin, the inventer of stuff they lack
(Colley) SHUT UP!!!
Alley is the medic here, she's got a scalpel in her hand
(Alley) need an operation?
(Shadester) does something every now and then, we really don't know why he's here
greta is real stuck up, she's jus ta big ol'snob!
(Greta) I resent that remark!!!
they fight for right both day and night, in every episode!
(Huntress) ALMOST DONE!!!
here they come flying above the road,
(Colley) remove the singers vocal cords alley
(alley) RIGHT!

Here is a parody song from "D.C. Road Rovers Fan" sung to the tune of Macarena:
Let's hit the road, Rovers.
There's a show that I watch, it's called Road Rovers,
About these dogs that do not just roll over.
There's Hunter, the leader,
He's superfast so villains can not catch him.
There's Exile, the Russian
His eyes have the power to make items chilly.

Chorus There's a cool show by the name of Road Rovers.
At 9:30 AM, I watch the Road Rovers.
The Mighty Ducks can not beat the Road Rovers.
Hey, Road Rovers!

Now, there's a girl who can kick butt.
The dog who name is Colleen.
She so hip and crazy.
She is one very fine (beep)

Now, come on! What am I supposed to say.
She is one technically. Besides she is so cool.


R-R-R-R-R-R- Road Rovers!

There is Blitz, who sounds like Swartzenager.
Always bashed by Colleen and needs therapy by Exile.
Finally, there is Shag.
He is a coward and likes to think dog things.


Here is Exile's Loffa song sent to me by Brian Myer:
Prefromed by: Exilo Malcavitch Zanhusky and Queen.
Written by: Exilo Malavitch Zanhusky and Hunter G. Retriver.

Chorus: Exile! Exile! What a mother russia! Exile, Exile.
Exile: I am me.

Verse 1:
Exile: I get punshied. (Chorus: Oooo)
Exile: I get sad. (Chorus: Exileeee!)
Exile: I get happy. (Chorus: Exile.)
Exile: I get mad.

Verse 2:
Chrous: He goes into the night.
Exile: I always get into a fight!
Chrous: He gets stung by a lot of hornets.
Exile: Will somebody shut up that chrous!

Verse 3:
Exile:My friends Hunter, Blitz, Colleen and Shag.
Chrous:He better but um all in a bag.
Exile:Why is everyone singing?!
Chrous:You can hear the bells rining......ah!
(Screen fuzzes up)
(Audence claps)

Here are the "Road Rovers" singing a New Years song by Brian Myer:
"Hunter-1997 was a great year.
Colleen-Some tradgedys like Princess Diana.
Blitz-Even a Big fat boy named Chris (Chris Farley).
Exile-But now it's a new year.
All-That is 1998! But we can see what happens this year.
Hunter-We will see what happens this year."

Here is a funny song by Charity Gifford:
(Road Rovers music starts)
Zero: Barkin` scratchin` frisbee catchin` presidental pets.
Cleo: what`s this all about?
(music stops)
Zero: would you get it right, woman!
Cleo: sorry.
(music starts)
Cleo: Changin` into the canines, with souped up cars & jets.
Toil: wow toys.... (sniffs) mmm.. soup!
(music stops)
Zero: no! no! no! Toil, Vixen goes before you!
Toil: oops!
(music starts)
Vixen: Tuchus nippin` toilet sippin` sourghin` through the sky.
Toil: lickin` droolin` and who says dogs can fly.
Zero: speedin` crashin` DR smashin` vehicles explode!
Cleo: allright!
Zero: now we`re the heroes that does it...
Zero: Hi, I`m Zero and I`m the leader of this pack!
Cleo: I`m Cleo the oldest gal, I usally attack!
Vixen: my name`s Vixen, and I`m the youngest dog!
Toil: and I`m Toil the last Rover, I don`t have pog!
(music stops)
Zero: Toil, don`t talk about pogs!
Toil: sorry!
(music starts)
Zero: we fight, nor right, both day & night in every episode!
Vixen: allright, let`s do it!
Cleo: you`ve got it!
(music stops)
Zero: would you ladies get A hold of yerselves!
Vixen & Cleo: okay.
(music starts)
Zero: now we are the only team...
Toil: and A doggy toy & biscuit!
(music stops)
Zero: Toil, next time don`t talk stupid!
Toil: oops, again??

Here is a song by Bryon Walls:
Space Recruit Theme
*ominous music*
Voiceover(sinster male accent)
In an age of evil.....
Many villains roam the universe....
Whether they be human....*shows Parvo*
Dog....*shows Hacker*
Or not of this Earth....*shows Shadow Vader + Emperor Galtolon*
Their forces threaten Earth and will destroy it!
Ruby-"I don't think so!"
*music stops*
*trumpet music*
Tom !*shows Tom piloting the ship*
Scot !*shows Scot working on the engine*
Sek !*shows Sek handing tools to Scot*
Julie !*shows Julie rolling across the ground firing a gun*
Canis !*shows Canis falling off the ceiling where she was hanging*
Mindy !*shows Mindy holding a scalpel*
Sonya !*shows Sonya rolling her eyes while crossing her arms*
John !*shows John being kissed by Ruby*
Ruby !*shows Ruby in her Captain's chair*
Ruby-"Our mission , to boldly go where no dog has ever gone before ...."

Here is a song by John "Figaro" Norris:
I love the song "Mambo #5 (A Little Bit Of...), performed and co-written by Lou Bega. Anyone who saw Disney's "The Tigger Movie" or has the CD "La Vida Mickey" knows that he recorded a Disney version of the song. I was thinking that if he ever did a Road Rovers version, the chorus would probably go something like this:
A little bit of Colleen in my life.
A little bit of Hunter by her side.
A little bit of Blitz is all I need.
A little bit of Exile's what I see.
A little bit of Master in the sun.
Hubert, Sport and Shag just can't go wrong.
A little bit of Muzzle, everyone.
A little bit of him makes life so fun!

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