LiftFan Road Rover Mission Control:

Here are some multimedia items from "Road Rovers" from fans that have been sent in over the years. Feel free to check them out. But please remember, that the items found here aren't mine. They belong to the artists who have graciously allowed me to post them here. A lot of hard work has gone into each item. Thank you.

Here is a Real Media file of the Name Game by Hunter.

Here is an AVI of Colleen morphing into a werewolf by Romer.

Here is a MP3 of I would not have predicted this by Eddie Bailey.

Here is the Road Rover Theme done in Midi format by Trey Tackett.

Here is a the Road Rover Theme done in Midi format by Andy.

Here is some music if the Road Rovers were a rock band done in Midi format by Eddie B.

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