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Here are some lists for "Road Rovers" from fans that have been sent in over the years. Feel free to check them out. But please remember, that the items found here aren't mine. They belong to the artists who have graciously allowed me to post them here. A lot of hard work has gone into each item. Thank you.

Grant Chen came out with this cool idea (if you'd like to add to this list contact Grant at
1. You try to build a transdogmafier.
2. You build a working transdogmafier.
4. You write fan fictions or spinoffs about them.
5. You start to regularly dream about them.
6. You name a dog after one of them.
7. You name your kid after one of them.
8. You get your name changed to one of theirs.
9. The voice actors have restraining orders against you.
10. You try to cook food by staring at it.
11. You try to chill drinks by staring at them.
12. You can change your voice to match one of the Rovers.
13. You are reading this list.
14. You print this list to show all of your friends.
15. You send a letter in protest of cancelling Road Rovers.
16. You send a death threat in protest of cancelling Road Rovers.
17. You send a bomb in protest of cancelling Road Rovers.
18. You send a nuclear warhead in protest of cancelling Road Rovers.
19. You wear Road Rovers armor on Halloween.
20. You wear Road Rovers armor to parties.
21. You wear Road Rovers armor every day.
22. You have a Road Rovers web site.
23. You start a Road Rovers club.
24. You start a Road Rovers religon.
25. You've memorized the theme song.
26. You yell out things like "Macarena!" during martial arts practice.
27. You send in a suggestion for this list.
28. They didn't make Road Rovers action figures so you made your own.
29. You wish there were a Road Rovers video game.
30. You regularly say things like, "I would not have predicted this".
31. The only reason you go on the net is to look at Road Rovers sites.
32. You give your friends Road Rovers nicknames against their will.
33. The Road Rovers are the only friends you have.
34. Your thought patterns go "HunterShagBlitzColleenExileMuzzleMaster".
35. You have every episode on tape.
36. You have written a Road Rovers computer game.
37. You have ever shouted out loud, "TO THE POWER OF THE PACK! AWOOOOO!".
38. You pretend to hack and cough constantly just to get a lozenge.
39. You think that you are a Road Rover.
40. You write a Road Rovers book.
41. You get your Road Rovers book published.
42. You have actually bitten a tooshie.
43. You call everyone you don't like "evil Parvoman".
44. Thanks to you, the purchase of tennis balls now require five day waiting periods.
45. You take a Road Rovers picture to one of those shirt places at the mall and get it put on a shirt. (Try the pictures they give you when you write a letter:)
46. You consider doing one of these things.
47. You infiltrate the WB building and try to get the rights to Road Rovers. (Then you can make Road Rovers merchandise and episodes and no one can stop you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
48. You make a weapon that uses tennis balls for ammunition.
49. You watch the credits in slow motion so you can see every detail of drama, action, excitment, and suspense. (GET A LIFE!)
50. You have memorized the credits.
51. You have submitted items to Krankor's Road Rovers site.
52. You have submitted items to Krankor's Road Rovers site only because he is the chairman of SORR.
53. You want to be Krankor because of this.
54. You plot and scheme on how to overthrow Krankor.
55. You are so desperate to BE Krankor that you try to find Storm and Havoc so they can help you in this.
56. You think that the Road Rovers are real.
57. You hang tennis balls around the house.
58. You have used the phrase "Nuclear Winter" without knowing what the heck one is.(Mail me if you don't)
59. Your goal is to convert 300 people into Road Rover fans per month.
60. You can understand your dog's barking.
61. You see little Cano-Sapiens flying around you if you get smacked in the head for being a Road Rovers addict.
62. You've come up with over 50 things to add to this list. (I know I have)
63. Road Rovers comes first before everything, even bathroom breaks.
64. You actually DRINK OUT OF THE TOILET! Ewww.
65. You think that Parvo is the antichrist.
66. You think of Road Rovers as a 13 step program towards building a better life.
67. Every night with a full moon, you grab a baseball bat and prepare to fight off Colleen.
68. You spend your free time talking to your imaginary Cano-Sapien friend.
69. Your reaction towards finding out Road Rovers was being cancelled was staring at the WB headquarters trying to set it on fire.
70. Your dog runs away and you blame it on Parvo.
71. You actually believe that story on how the happiest place on Earth was made.
72. You don't need anyone to translate what Shag is saying.
73. You know what the fog coming from the transdogmafier is made out of.
74. You have memorized each and every single one of Shag's recipes.
75. You hate Howard Stern too. (Then again, who doesn't?)
76. You keep a bazooka by you in case the radio wakes you up too early.
77. When you sent tennis balls to the WB, you made one of them explosive.
78. Road Rovers are your life.
79. You have every episode on tape and watch them every day.
80. You buy a really furry suit and hide stuff in there.
81. You are me.
82. You try to find hidden messages in the episodes. Not the ones in the credits, but the ones in the show that will guide you towards enlightenment.
83. You lug around a "Best in Blasting" award.
84. You see the internet as a really huge Road Rovers database.
85. The only reason you got a scanner was to scan your Road Rovers pictures.
86. You actually call someone "Mr. Chester Chubbycheeks".
87. You have always wanted to see "Mr. Chester Chubbycheeks" in print.
88. You think about naming your next dog, "Mr. Chester Chubbycheeks".
89. You think I'm going too far with this "Mr. Chester Chubbycheeks" thing.
90. You are fluent in over six million forms of dog communication.
91. You framed the picture the WB sent you when you wrote that letter. (YOU DID REMEMBER TO WRITE ONE, DIDN'T YOU?!)
92. You can make Road Rover smileys and ASCII art.
93. You try to run as fast as Hunter and smash into a wall.
94. You would like to see the Rovers fight people who suck, like the Power Rangers, Waynehead, Captain Planet, a certain purple dinosaur...
95. You wonder about how thick their armor is.
96. You want to see Parvo get killed off.
97. You think about what it would look like if the Rovers set Parvo's mustache on fire.
98. You think of tennis balls as weapons.
99. You read about a meuseum robbery in the paper and expect a huge dinosaur to go on a rampage.
101. You think everything in the universe is connected to the Road Rovers.
102. You chase cats.
103. You chase kats (Watch SWAT Kats for more imformation)
104. You chase the Swat Kats, only to discover they have their gloveatixes at hand, so you're in the hospital right now.
105. You constantly pollute as a passive form of protest to Captain Planet
106. The only reason you watch SWAT Kats is because of the suggestions 102-104 on this list, and you don't know who they are.
107. You keep dogs and are allergic to them!
108. You've memorized all the Road Rover web sites (including
109. You've memorized the scripts of every "Road Rovers" episode.
110. You own a dog that's 50% retriever, 25% bloodhound, 15% pointer, 10% spaniel.
111. You own a kennel only for dogs with the above breeding.
112. You own a "Road Rovers" training camp.
113. You build Road Rovers Mission Control under Socorro, NM.
114. You dye your Siberian Husky's fur blue and white so he looks like Exile.
115. You put your Rottweiler in a straight jacket.
116. You teach your Collie karate.
117. You run for president so you can own a Road Rover.
118. You try to find Road Rovers' Mission Control.
119. You find Road Rovers' Mission Control.

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