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Here are some games for "Road Rovers" from fans that have been sent in over the years. Feel free to check them out. But please remember, that the items found here aren't mine. They belong to the artists who have graciously allowed me to post them here. A lot of hard work has gone into each item. Thank you.

Created by: Ricky Galahad
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You need:
1) A tape of any episode of "Road Rovers".
2) Several cans of your favorite beverage (non-alcoholic PLEASE).
3) A group of friends (you can't play alone).

1) Sip-just a taste
2) Drink-one mouthful
3) Chug-finish the whole can

1) Gather everyone around the television; things begin from the opening sequence.
2) Drink according to the circumstances listed below.
3) Once you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom, you're out.
4) If there is still more than one person left after the show is finished, start another one (preferably a different episode).
5) The winner is whoever can hold the most liquid, or decides to pee in their pants rather than accept defeat and go to the lavatory.

On to the Game!!!!

Guzzle if:

1. Says: "I would not have predicted this. Bummer." - 1 drink (2 drinks if anyone else besides him says this)
2. Says: "Yet another unexpected twist." - 1 drink
3. Says: "To the power of the pack!" - 1 drink
4. Says: "Let's hit the road Rovers!" - 1 drink
5. Says: "Cool" - 1 drink
6. Says: "Beware of Dog(s)" - 1 drinks
7. Doesn't realize he's being made fun of - 2 drinks
8. Claims to possess a super power other than super speed - 1 sip for each power
9. Leaves a trail of flame behind him when he runs - 1 drink
10. Is confused by something someone says - 1 sip
11. Is totally oblivious of Colleen's intentions - 3 drinks
12. Crashes a vehicle (usually a plane) - 1 drink
13. Argues with Blitz - 2 drinks

1. Says a British phrase or word such as "blimey" or "blokes" - 1 drink
2. Gives a battle cry before she pummels a baddie - 1 sip for each cry
3. Does something inelegant (spinning around on one foot while holding open her mouth is one example) - 2 drinks
4. Gets Blitz's name wrong - 1 sip for each false label (chug if Colleen actually gets his name right)
5. Gives Blitz an alias - 1 sip per alias
6. Knocks the stuffing out of Blitz - laugh and then take a drink
7. Calls Hunter "Huntie Wuntie" - 1 drink
8. Obviously makes fun of Hunter - 1 drink (take an addition sip when Hunter misses the insult)
9. Mentions one of her passions (ex: squeaky toys shaped like bananas, etc.) - 2 drinks
10. Can be seen moving gracefully in the background - 1 drink
11. Does something medical - 3 drinks
12. Makes a funny face - 1 drink

1. Says a Russian phrase or word like "nyet" - 1 drink
2. Butchers an English word - 1 sip for each word
3. Mixes up a famous saying - 1 sip for each saying
4. Uses any one of his special visions (heat, freeze, x-ray) - 1 drink for each (take a second drink if it doesn't entirely work)
5. Mentions something about Russia (father or mother)- 2 drinks
6. Tells Blitz not to be a weird boy - 1 drink
7. Comments about Blitz's obsession with tooshies - 1 drink
8. Gets Blitz in trouble with Hunter - 3 drinks
9. Is reading some kind of book - 1 drink (2 drinks if it is not a children's book)
10. Says "Why for _____" - 1 drink (2 drinks if he gets an answer)

1. Says "Let the biting begin" - 1 drink
2. Complains about Hunter being the leader - 2 drinks
3. Obsesses about tooshies, tuchuses or anything of the sort - 1 drink
4. Actually bites a tooshie - 2 drinks
5. Talks romantically to Colleen - 1 drink (take a second drink when she doesn't know who he is)
6. Gets beat up by Colleen - 1 drink
7. Uses his claws or teeth to destroy something - 1 drink
8. Goofs up - 3 drinks
9. Pleads for his life - 1 drink
10. Does something else cowardly - 1 drink
11. Acts genuinely heroic or brave - chug
12. Pulls out his little black book - 3 drinks
13. Asks for a peppermint milkshake - 2 drinks
14. Actually has a peppermint milkshake - 3 drinks

1. Whimpers - 1 drink
2. Mumbles something - 1 sip per mumble (take a drink if you can understand what he's saying)
3. Jumps into someone's arms - 1 drink
4. Someone jumps into his arms - chug
5. He hides in some fashion (sticking his head in the sand counts)
6. Pulls food out of his fur - 1 drink (take a second drink if he eats it afterwards)
7. Pulls a weapon or a piece of equipment out from his fur - 1 drink (take a second drink if he's the one who uses it)
8. Pulls some other item out - 1 drink per item
9. Something living is in his fur (Colleen, etc.) - 2 drinks
10. Growls - 2 drinks
11. Becomes distracted on a mission (cellular phone, etc.) - 3 drinks

1. Growls - 1 drink
2. Foams at the mouth - 1 drink
3. Moves by hopping instead of having to be pushed - 2 drinks
4. Is let out of his restraints to thrash some baddies - pray silently and then take a drink
5. Burps - 1 drink

1. Says "You're good good dogs" - 1 drink
2. Calls a Rover - 1 drink
3. Has a close up - 2 drinks
4. Becomes annoyed - 2 drinks

1. Says "complete world domination" - 1 drink (drink 2 more times if the Groomer says this)
2. Breaks into a fit of coughing - 1 drink
3. Says "Lozenge!" - 1 drink (take a second drink if he doesn't get it)
4. Rubs his mustache - 1 drink
5. Is attempting to take over the world - 1 drink
6. Manages to capture the Rovers - 2 drinks

1. Calls Parvo "General" - 1 drink
2. Gives Parvo a lozenge - 1 drink
3. Fails to give Parvo a lozenge - 2 drinks
4. Makes a snide remark (usually regarding Parvo) - 1 drink
5. Gets romantic around Parvo - toss your lunch, chug, and then chug again for good measure

1. Goes off in a fit of lunacy - 1 drink
2. Manages to capture the Rovers - 2 drinks
3. Defies authority in some way - 1 drink

Take 1 drink in the episodes that each of these characters appears (1 drink per character):
1) Jeffrey Otitus (Let's Hit The Road and Reigning Cats And Dogs)
2) Fluffy (Let's Hit The Road and Reigning Cats And Dogs)
3) Dalmat (Let's Hit The Road and Reigning Cats And Dogs)
4) The Werewolves (A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You)
5) Confuseus (A Hair Of The Dog That Bit You)
6) Gustav Havoc (Where Rover's Dare)
7) Lieutenant Skeam (Where Rover's Dare)
8) Wolfie (the injured wolf from Where Rover's Dare)
9) Ninja dogs (Let Sleeping Dogs Lie)
10) Donavan Bell (The Dog That Knew Too Much)
11) Sport (The Dog That Knew Too Much)
12) Olivia Peru (The Dog That Knew Too Much)
13) Judge Fore (The Dog That Knew Too Much and Take Me to Your Leader)
14) Sergeant Curse (Hunter's Heroes)
15) Hawkins (Hunter's Heroes)
16) Felo-Mutants (Dawn Of The Groomer)
17) Professor Eugene Atwater (Still A Few Bugs In The System and Take Me Yo Your Leader)
18) Flea, Tick and Mange (Still A Few Bugs In The System)
19) Greta (Still A Few Bugs In The System)
20) Luka and his mother (Gold And Retrievers)
21) Oso (Gold And Retrievers) - two drinks if you love the Strayers!
22) Digit (Gold And Retrievers)
23) Sydney (Gold And Retrievers)
24) Fish-Mutants (Gold And Retrievers)
25) Space Rovers (Take Me To Your Leader)
26) Aliens (Take Me To Your Leader)
27) Hunter's mother (A Day In The Life)
28) Sam Donaldson (A Day In The Life)

1. The Rovers are in their pre-transdogmafied state - 1 sip per dog
2. The Rovers howl together - 1 drink (take an extra sip if someone else joins in)
3. Any of the Rovers appear in anything other than their usual uniforms - 2 drinks
4. Hunter is in a vehicle he isn't driving - 1 drink (take 2 drinks if it's Colleen)
5. A vehicle transforms - 1 sip for every time that is does
6. We learn Muzzle's original name - 3 drinks
7. There's a flashback - 2 drinks (take an extra drink if it involves the Master)
8. Time passes and the dog years appear in parentheses under the human time - 1 drink (take two if it is the other way around)
9. Any of the Rovers reach behind their back and produce a weapon out of thin air - 1 drink
10. Any of the Rovers are seen in the transport tunnels - 1 drink
11. Any of the world leaders make an appearance - 1 sip per leader
12. Two characters are reunited in an emotional scene - 1 drink
13. You catch a mistake in the animation - 2 drinks for everyone else
14. The Rovers are seen eating dog food - 1 drink
15. The Rovers are seen eating human food - 2 drinks
16. Your favorite character appears - cheer and take a drink
17. Someone is rendered unconscious (fainting counts) - 1 drink
18. A non-Rover vehicle explodes - 2 drinks
19. Any of our heroes are bummed out - 1 drink
20. Colleen appears in her non-groomed state - chug until she's gone
21. A Rover does something dog-like in their Cano-Sapien form - 1 drink
22. Anyone sings - 1 drink if you like it; chug if you don't
23. Parvo or the Groomer takes off their helmets - 2 drinks
24. There is a quote in the ending credits - 1 sip per quote

Events requiring something extra if they ever happen (if new episodes are ever made that is):
1. We meet the parents of any of the other Rovers - chug your drink, and then your neighbors (chug a third one if it's Blitz's)
2. Hunter and Colleen get together - finish off the case then go down to the store and restock
3. A two part episode is made - drink until the conclusion next week

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