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"Road Rover Mission control…"

Here it is. Road Rover Mission Control. The main base of operations for the Rovers. Here you can find the Master, Professor Hubert and the Rovers. Plus a vast armory of weapons, vehicles and equipment. Everything needed to fight the evil in the world. There are labs, sleeping accommodations and even a kitchen to sustain the Rovers. The complex is huge and multileveled, set deep under a cavern below the surface of the earth. The hydrant shaped buildings reflect the Rover's canine beginnings. In fact, it sits directly under the remains of William Shepherd's laboratory which was destroyed by the Road Rover's main nemesis: General Parvo. There are several ways in and out of the base. The grounds outside of the base is very beautiful and relaxing, the Road Rovers can sometimes be seen walking/running the grounds in both Cano-Sapien and Canine form.
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