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"Old Laboratory…"

Before you is perhaps the most wondrous device known to man (and canine)… It is also the most deadly. This is the Time Transporter, or time machine. But it can only be used to go back into time, not forward, since the future has not happened yet. First developed by Professor Shepherd. Its intent was to be use to go back into time so events long ago could be verified to have really happened or denounced as fraud. It was never intended to change history… But that all changed when General Parvo got his hands on this technology. When Shepherd was forced to hand over the plans to his first Transdogmafier, in his haste he mistakenly also included the plans to the Time Transporter and handed everything over to Parvo. The General used the newfound technology to go back into time and change history. His plan was to kill Shepherd after he handed over the plans to the Transdogmafier. That way he would have the only Transdogmafier in existence: Which meant no Road Rovers to foil his many diabolical plans… Fortunately, the Master sent the Rovers back in time using his Time Transporter and they foiled Parvo's plans (they warned Professor Shepherd that Parvo was going to double cross him) I could go into the theories and physics of time travel but your security clearance is not high enough. Feel free to look around but don't touch anything!
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