Attention GetterFan Road Rover Mission Control:

"Tour Briefing…"

Welcome. I am the TourMaster 3582. An audio device designed by Professor Hubert to conduct tours of Road Rover Mission Control and other such complexes. This frees up the staff so they can concentrate on fighting evil and making the world safe for all (a more important task wouldn't you agree?) Because you are here that means that you have completed the Road Rover Academy and are ready to become an active operative for the Road Rovers. Because of this we can save a lot of time without having to explain who the Road Rovers are, what they do and so forth. We can begin the tour immediately.

First off, this tour is designed to help you understand the vast resources available to both the Road Rovers and you as operatives. But rather than having me explain it to you let's witness it together (this will save on my battery power as well) But please remember, you are Road Rover Operatives. You have already sworn to secrecy and to up hold the beliefs of the Road Rovers. So anything you hear or see is not to be discussed with any member of your family, friends or anyone. Understand?

With that, take the stairs before you and we shall begin the tour.

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